Tree Trimming And Removal Services: Mistakes To Avoid When Trimming Your Trees

Tree trimming and pruning services

Tree trimming is one of the most basic practices that you have to undertake to keep your home in top shape. You can trim the trees on your own, or hire tree trimming and removal services to help you out. When you are trimming the trees you need to avoid making these mistakes:


This happens when you cut away a large section of the top of the tree crown. You also will have a topping when you remove all the leafing branches across the top half of the tree. When you do this, you are left with an ugly tree with a weak branch structure that gives your home an ugly look.

While this issues can happen in all trees, arborist service providers observe that it’s more common in crapemyrtles and other trees that are too large in areas that they were planted.

To avoid making this mistake, you should be cautious of how you cut the tree. If you have never done it before, hire a professional to help you out.

Making improper cuts

There are many ways in which you can make inappropriate cuts. You can cut the tree too close to the main trunk or too far from it. In most cases, people cut the branches too close to the trunk.

The result is the removal of the branch collar that aids in the healing of the wound. By cutting the branch off flush to the trunk, you expose your trees to diseases and pests.

When you do it, you also put the tree at the risk of having bark tears that not only give the tree an ugly look, they also expose it to diseases.

The right way of cutting the tree is avoiding cutting it too close to the main trunk. If you have too many trees that you are tired cutting them, hire tree services providers to help you out.


Some people think that they need to remove all the excess branches on their trees. This is wrong.  While you should get rid of the ugly looking branches, you shouldn’t over prune the tree. The best way of going about it is ensuring that you don’t remove more than 10% of the tree at the same time.

When you over prune, you prevent effective transfer of nutrients and food. You also make the tree too weak to support itself.


These are some of the mistakes that you should avoid making when pruning your trees. To avoid making the mistakes, work with reputable arborist tree service providers.

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Tips On How To Spend Less When Undertaking Tree Removal

tree removal

There are many situations when you may have to undertake tree removal. You might be having a tree that is too large that it puts your home at the risk of danger. You also might be experiencing storms that might bring down a tree putting your home at risk.

If you have removed a tree before, you might be aware that it doesn’t come cheap. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend top dollar to do it. To help you out, here are tips on how to spend less when removing a tree:

Do it yourself

This is a no-brainer. If you want to save money, you should simply do it yourself. When removing a tree by yourself, you should be cautious especially if the tree is too large. This is because you risk the tree falling on your house.

If you have to remove the tree, remove the small ones. This way you will not only have an easy time doing it, you also won’t put your home and loved ones in danger. If a tree is too large or located in a risky area, consider hiring a tree services provider to help you with the removal.

Hire an experienced tree removal company

You might have the impression that a reputable company will be expensive to hire, thus spike your removal costs. This isn’t the case. While the company will be costly, it will effectively remove the tree; thus you don’t have to do it one more time.

The company will also know how to remove a tree safely. When you work with a new company, it will most likely point the tree in the wrong direction, thus putting you and your family at risk. To be on the safe side, work with the most reputable company that you can afford.

Research the tree problem

Just like other contractors, tree companies tend to increase their charges especially when they know that you don’t know about the tree problems. To save some money, consider doing your research so that you can know more about the various issues.

When the tree removal services providers arrive in your home, explain the problem to them and this way you will not only make the work easier for them, you also will prevent them from extorting you, as they know that you know the problem that your trees are having.

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Arborist Tree Service: Benefits Of Taking Good Care Of Your Trees

arborist tree service

Most of the homeowners know that they need to take good care of their trees, but most of them don’t know the benefits that come with doing it. To help you out, here are some of the benefits that you stand to enjoy when you hire arborist tree service providers to maintain your trees:

Y make your property look healthy

When you prune the trees, you give room for new plants to shoot. These new pieces are green which provide a green rush to your home. The rush is not only beautiful, but also healthy. Tree maintenance practices such as pruning aids in the removal of dead branches that would give your home an ugly look.

You Ensure that your home is safe

Just like your car and any other unit that is improperly maintained, a poorly maintained tree is a potential hazard. If you don’t regularly remove the dead branches, they can fall on you injuring you or your loved ones. The branches can also fall on your property causing you to spend a lot of money on property repair. Overgrown trees near power lines also pose a lot of danger.

When you take good care of the trees, you eliminate the hazardous trees which ensures that your home is safe.

You increase your home value

Just like the swimming pool, properly maintained trees increase the value of your home. All you need to do is hire a tree services provider to take care of the trees. For ideal results, hire the professional at least once every year. You also should employ the contractor whenever you notice a problem with the trees. For example, if there are damaged tree branches. Hire the contractor to fix them as soon as possible.

You increase the production of fruit-bearing plants

If you have fruit-bearing trees on your property, by properly taking care of them, you improve the quality and quantity of fruits that the tree produces. You should note that the fruit-bearing plants require special maintenance skills; therefore, you should hire an arborist services provider who is experienced in the tree maintenance.

You rehabilitate damaged trees

It’s common for trees to be damaged by storms, too much sun, or too much cold. When your trees are destroyed, contact a tree professional to undertake seasonal tree care and maintenance.


These are some of the benefits that you get when you take good care of your trees. To provide optimum care to your trees, work with a reputable local tree company.

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What You Need To Know About Arborist Tree Service Providers

arborist tree service

An arborist is a trained professional who is highly experienced in the science of planting and taking care of trees. When you are looking to hire an arborist tree service provider, it’s always recommended that you hire a certified one as he/she will provide you with a better service.

The services that you get from the arborist

As mentioned, the arborist is experienced in different areas. The professional will help you in various areas that include:

Tree pruning: This is the removal of the excess branches and stems from the tree. This comes in handy in promoting the growth and health of the tree. Pruning also maintains the tree in its natural form. Tree service experts also report that regular tree trimming gives the tree a beautiful look.

Tree removal: When your tree is severely damaged or infested with diseases and pests, you have no way other than to remove it. If the tree is large and you have never brought down a tree before, you have no way out other than to hire the arborist to help you in undertaking tree removal.

Emergency tree care: In most cases, you will hire an emergency contractor after a storm. After a storm, it’s common for trees to be badly damaged such that they put you and your property at the risk of getting damaged. In such a case, you should contact the arborist to help you with removing the tree as soon as possible.

Tree planting: As mentioned above, the arborist is experienced in tree planting, and he/she will help you in planting new trees. The professional will also help you in replacing old trees with new ones.

Tree diagnosis: Just like humans, trees also suffer from diseases. If you notice that your tree is getting weak or showing signs of illness, you should hire the arborist service provider to help you in identifying the cause of the problem.

Why you should hire an arborist

Some people have the impression that they can quickly fix the trees on their own, but this isn’t always the case. For ideal results, you should hire an arborist who will help you with the above services. One of the reasons you should hire the professionals is because they are highly trained thus you can have peace of mind that your trees will be professionally taken care of.

As mentioned above, you should ensure that the tree services professional you hire is highly experienced and certified to work in your local area.

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Tree Services: Tips On How To Take Care Of Trees

tree removal

If you have trees, you know that you need to take good care of them for them to look good and also last for a long time. To help you out, here are tips given by tree services providers on how to take good care of the units:

Regularly prune the trees

Pruning is the removal of the extra tree branches and leaves. A tree that is appropriately trimmed not only looks good, it also is safe from strong winds and storms. Tree experts show that regular trimming also reduces their risk to being damaged by lightning. If you have small or only a few trees, you should go ahead and prune them by yourself but if you have many of them and they are large, let an arborist tree service provider help you out.

Take care of the tree roots

Many people have the impression that the tree roots are strong and don’t require any attention, but this isn’t the case. As a tree owner, you should note that the tree roots are as important as the branches and other parts of the tree. If the roots are weak, you will put yourself and your family at the risk of the tree falling on you. To avoid this, you should make it a habit of hiring a tree service provider before the beginning of the storm season to inspect the tree room for weakness. Even after the storm, hire the contractor to find out if the trees are damaged. If you don’t live in storm-prone areas, hire a contractor at the end of the year to inspect the trees and fix any issues they might be having.

Hydrate the trees

If you live in the dry areas of the country, you know that there is no way the trees will survive the dry weather without proper hydration. One of the most effective ways of watering the trees is using subsurface watering. Here you need to use an injection probe to distribute the water throughout the top 12 inches of the soil. The cool thing with this method is that you spend little water and yet give the trees enough water.


These are some of the ways in which you can take good care of the trees. Some of the maintenance you can do on your own, but for the complex ones, hire a local tree company to help you out.

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Instances When You Have To Undertake Emergency Tree Removal

tree removal

In most cases, getting rid of a tree is a process that takes time and planning, but did you know that there are instances when you may have to hire an emergency tree removal company? Here are some of these instances:

Bad weather

In most cases, the inclement weather that damages trees is a lot of rainfall and strong wind. Heavy rain can cause soil erosion exposing a significant portion of the tree roots. This weakens the tree putting it at the risk of falling on your property or loved one.

In other cases, the strong winds damage the tree which might put them at the risk of falling on your property. To prevent a disaster before it happens, you should hire a tree services provider to remove the tree.

You shouldn’t remove the tree only after a storm—you also should consider removing it before the storm. As you might have read on this blog, it’s wise that you hire a professional to inspect the trees before the big storm. If you live in a storm-prone area, if the professional advices that you get rid of a tree, you should do so as soon as possible.


Getting rid of a tree after it has been affected by diseases always happens after tree inspection. At least once a year, it’s recommended that you hire an arborist to inspect the tree. In the event you identify that the tree has been affected by a disease, you should remove it as soon as possible. Sick trees often tend to dry up which can be dangerous to you and your loved ones.

If you don’t regularly hire the inspection professional, you should be on the lookout for disease symptoms. These include: leaf loss, discoloration, branches decaying, and leaves turning strange colors. While these signs mean that your tree is sick, it doesn’t mean that you should remove the tree. Before you get rid of the tree, contact your local tree company and get their input.

If the company recommends that you remove the tree, go ahead and do it, but if it suggests that you treat the tree, find the best and most affordable cure for it.


These are some of the instances when you may have to remove a tree. To have an easy time, work with an experienced tree cut service provider.

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Tree Services: Things That Can Destroy Your Trees

tree services

Just like other units in your home, trees have their enemies. Here are some of the things that can destroy your trees as given by tree services providers:


This is probably the most common cause of tree damage, especially during the stormy seasons. Strong winds often destroy the large trees. Due to the strong winds, the branches break or are damaged. In worst cases, the entire tree is uprooted putting you, your family, and property at risk. If you live in waterlogged areas, you are at more risk as the tree roots are often weak.

To avoid damage, you should trim the trees when you are approaching the stormy season. If the trees are too large and you live in waterlogged areas, you should hire a tree removal company to remove the trees so that they don’t pose a danger to you and your family.

Heavy rain

While water is good for the healthy growth of the trees, too much of it is often harmful. Heavy rain is usually detrimental to trees growing in water-saturated soils. The excess water weakens the tree roots which causes some of the trees to get uprooted. Flooding has also been shown to affect the dormant trees starving the roots of oxygen resulting in the trees dying off.

Arborist service providers also observe that heavy rains wash the vital nutrients from the soil thus the trees are malnourished.

There is little you can do to protect the trees from the excessive rain. To protect yourself from the damage that might result from the tall trees falling, you should cut the tall trees before the raining season. If you live in waterlogged areas, consider moving to safer areas until the rain ceases.

Animal damage

During the drought and cold seasons when food is scarce, wild animals start eating the trees. The most common animals that feed on the trees are: rabbits, mice, and deer. The telltale signs that animals are consuming your trees are nibbling marks on the tree bark. When the animals feed on large portions of the bark, they damage the bark to the extent that the tree can’t feed itself; thus it ends up dying. In other cases, the tree is affected by infections that weaken it.

To protect the trees from the animal damage, you should wrap them with a cloth or durable plastic around the base. If you have the budget, arborist tree service providers recommend that you erect a fence around the tree.

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All About Tree Removal

Tree removal

Are you looking to undertake tree removal? You shouldn’t simply go ahead and do it—you need to consider a number of factors.

Factors to consider when undertaking tree removal

Area by-laws: Most states have laws that govern the removal of trees. Most of the states will require you to visit your local council offices and seek permission. To avoid being on the wrong side of the law, first, do a research and understand the laws in your local area. If they require you to seek permission, visit the offices and get the authentication.

Hazards: Are there dangers that come with removing the tree? Before you go ahead with the removal process, analyze the area. Are there electrical hazards? Are there underground pipes that would burst when you remove the tree? To be on the safe side, you should get the map of your local area and slowly go through it with a professional.

Nature of the tree: How does the tree look like? Is it healthy? If it is, you don’t have to worry much, but if it has holes and cracks, you should be cautious when removing it as some of the pieces can fall on you. It’s often hard for a layperson to determine the integrity of the tree that you are looking to remove. To be on the safe side, hire arborist services to help you out.

Cost of removal: How much are you going to spend to remove the tree? To avoid surprises, you should do your research beforehand. This calls for you to visit a number of tree services providers and get their quotations. You should note that the amount you spend will depend on a number of factors such as the removal company, size of the tree, nature of the tree, location of the tree and many others.

Choosing a tree service provider

If the tree is small, you can remove it by yourself, but if large, you have no way out other than to hire a local tree company. To get the most from the rental company you need to consider a number of factors. One of the factors is the experience of the company. As rule of thumb ensure that the company is experienced enough.

Also, consider the tools that the company uses in its work. To be sure that the company is using high-quality tools, ask for the tools used by the company before you sign the contract.

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Tree Services: Signs That Your Tree Is Under Stress

Tree Services

Just like humans, trees are also affected by stress. To help you out, here are signs that your tree is under stress and what you can do together with your tree services company to solve the issues:

Injured branches after a storm

The storms are harsh and often damage the trees. Affected trees are not only an eyesore, but they also put you and your family in danger. This is in the event the trees fall and hurt you. When your trees are injured, there are a number of ways in which you can fix them.

One of these ways is pruning the tree. If the tree is small, you can prune it on your own but if large, hire a tree pruning and trimming expert to help you out. The professionals will do it for you fast and using the right tools while keeping your home safe.

Cracks in the tree

Cracks or splits on the tree can come about due to natural reasons or after the tree has been hit by a physical object. In most cases, cracks indicate decay. Depending on their size and location, they can cause failure to the affected branches or the entire tree.

If the cracks are minor, they will heal on their own but if severe, contact your local arborist to inspect the tree and recommend the best way forward. You should note that if the crack affects more than half the tree, you have no way out other than to undertake tree removal.

Turkey Tails

Also known as sap rot, these are fungi that grow on the trunks of shrubs and hardwoods. They resemble fans and come in colorful shapes. You will find the tails in dead or dying wood. If you find them on many parts of your tree, it’s time to remove the tree. If the tails have affected a few areas of the tree, contact a tree expert so that he/she can try saving the tree using fungicides.

Lack of leaves

There is no other clear sign that your tree is stressed than a tree without leaves. The tree can lack leaves due to storm damage, diseases, or any other reason. The leaves might be absent at the top, on the side, or at the bottom of the tree. To fix this problem, you seek an arborist services provider who will diagnose the problem and recommend the best way forward.


These are some of the signs that you should look out for to tell whether your tree is under stress. If the tree is extremely damaged, contact a tree cut down service provider to bring down the tree.

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Arborist Tree Service: Common Tree Diseases And How To Treat Them

arborist tree servive

Just like humans and animals, plants to develop diseases. Some of the diseases are complex and require tree removal but most of them are minor and they can be fixed using the tree treatment options available. To help you out, here are some of the most common tree diseases:

Emerald ash borer

The adult borer resembles a long beetle and has a green metallic shape. The insect feeds on the foliage without causing much damage to the internal parts of the tree. While this is the case, it’s good to note that the worm-like larvae feed on the inner layers of the tree bark. As a result, the tree loses its ability to transport water and nutrients and eventually dies.

The cool with this condition is that you can easily tell when the tree is infested. The telltale signs are small exit holes and snake-like larvae channels under the bark of the trees. If you notice woodpecker activity or excessive bark splitting, the insects have infested the trees.

Since you are able to tell when the tree is infested while in the early stages, you are able to easily treat the condition. The first thing you should do is to contact the local authorities that are responsible for pest management and prevention. You also should contact a professional to help you with solving the issue.

If you are late to identify the problem and there is a leaf loss of over 50%, chances are that the tree won’t survive. Before you remove the tree, ask an arborist to visit the area and make his/her recommendations.

Dutch elm disease

This one affects the elm trees and its affected by bark beetles. The affected trees usually have yellowing leaves. You also might notice beetles in your farm. Unless your tree is greatly affected, you can easily get rid of the beetles. One of the most effective ways of solving the issue is using insecticides.

If you have trees that are greatly affected, remove and grind them into wood chips. This will come in handy in preventing the spread of the beetles. Since prevention is better than cure, consider preventing the spread of the disease by protecting the trees from attack. You can do this by using preventive fungicides.


These are some of the most common tree diseases. To ensure that the diseases don’t get you unaware, make it a habit of hiring an Arborist tree service provider at least once a year to inspect the trees. You also should protect the trees from diseases using fungicides.

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