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Snow and Ice Control services in Maryland, viginia and washington DC

Takoma Tree Expert's, LLC. offers commercial snow and ice control services during the winter months.  We plow lots and clear walks for condominiums, apartment complexes, hospitals, malls, schools, and other commercial entities. We then apply ice melt products to insure that all cleared areas remain passable.

A properly plowed and treated lot and/or walk will reduce your liability as a manager or owner.  Your tenants, staff, and employees will be safer and will appreciate a well maintained property, where the risk of falling, injury, or vehicle incidents is minimized.

We generally work on a contractual basis, and automatically schedule your property for service when a snow or ice event is anticipated.  We do not charge a seasonal, non-refundable deposit, whether or not it snows. But some companies actually do! Why would you want to pay for a service you didn't receive?  We charge a flat rate for our services- there are no surprise invoices or inflated charges with flat rate billing.  When you sign a contract with us, the terms, conditions and prices are clear, upfront, and agreed upon in advance.  Unlike hourly billing for plowing with additional charges for ice melt products, where the price is unknown until you receive the actual invoice, flat rate pricing is transparent and there are no billing surprises!  We have actually had customers sign with us due to the fact that they left their hourly vendors because of constant invoice issues.  At 3 a.m. during a snowstorm, how do you know if your contractor plowed for one hour or three and whether he spread two tons of ice melt product or four?  Don't find out the hard way-when you receive the bill. Sign with the company that tells you the costs upfront.

We generally have two billing schedules for plowing 2-6 inches, and a higher rate for 6.1-12 inches, and then we bill a flat price for chemicals. We charge to return again if the storm continues and if there is additional accumulation after we have initially plowed, but the charges are a known factor-there is no room for billing errors or unscrupulous accounting.  Flat rate billing also allows our drivers to concentrate on your property, not on keeping time and tracking material quantity.

We can offer emergency snow services to those customers who don't sign up for a contract and decide to call our office at the last minute or during a storm. We take care of and prioritize service to all our contractual customers first though, and will respond to non-contractual customers as time permits.

We offer 24-hour emergency service, and will respond to a snowstorm within a reasonable time, day or night, weekends or holidays. We have late model, well maintained trucks, with commercial plows and full insert heavy duty industrial material spreaders. We have over 15 years experience with snow and ice control, and have responded to and taken care of our customers in even the worst storms.

Snow plowing isn't cheap, but it pales in comparison to a lawsuit from somebody who might have slipped and injured themselves on your property.

We generally try to get the majority of our contracts signed by the end of September, so we can assign our drivers, establish our routes, and anticipate our equipment and ice melt/chemical needs. 

If you need plow services, it's never too early to call-the sooner the better, because we take a limited number of new contracts every year-we never take on more than we can handle. We look forward to adding your property to our growing list.

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