Art Of Trimming Bonsai

bonsai trimming

What is a Bonsai?

Bonsai is an art of growing artificially dwarfed trees and shrubs in a pot; these are mostly used as ornamental trees which are available in smaller form. Like any other art creating a bonsai is also an art; it takes tremendous time and care for creating Bonsai. From a lemon, mango to a banyan tree, you can get any tree in a small pot. Its size can range from a few inches to 2 feet and provide you with fruits and flowers that the real sized trees can.

All about Bonsai trimming

A bonsai is created by trimming a normal tree from an early stage of its growth and continuous trimming is done to get the desired shape of the tree keeping in mind that it doesn’t grow beyond a particular height. It is grown in a pot which is usually not very big in size but once the bonsai is ready it gives the look of a real grown up tree which has reduced many times to its original size. Trimming a bonsai is a work of art, just like right strokes are important to create a beautiful painting, it is important to do the trimming the only as much as it is required or it may give the bonsai a shabby look. There are special tools used for this purpose, the cutter used for this task is called ‘wen’, the tip of which resembles to the beak of a parrot. This beak shaped tip helps to trim the small branches, leaves and buds accurately and in proper shape. There are different types of trimming methods used, depending on the type of tree which has to be developed as a Bonsai.

Before the trimming, the Bonsai should be removed from the pot and root ball should be kept in a tray containing water. It helps in better trimming by allowing you to remove excess soil from the roots. Regular trimming is very essential to retain their diminutive size or else the branches will start growing in improper way which will spoil the look of the plant. Over trimming can also be harmful for the plant. If required you can take help from a tree trimming professional who specializes in growing Bonsai.

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