Best and Worst Trees to Plant In Your Backyard

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Trees are blessings from Mother Nature. It adds beauty to our surroundings as well as serves its purpose to humans and animals alike. Likewise, a tree can also provide additional value to a property. That is why homeowners should ensure to hire tree cutting services to help you provide the best care for your backyard tree(s).

However, you should know that not all trees are appropriate to be planted in a residential lot. Also, it is important to consider the distance of the tree from your house. This is to prevent potential damage it can do in case of strong winds and other unexpected disasters. But if the inevitable does happen, you should contact emergency tree services immediately.

Worst Trees to Plant in Your Backyard

Having a backyard tree can make a difference to your property. You should also find an arborist to help you with your regular tree maintenance. However, not all trees are meant to be planted in anyone’s backyard due to several reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus trees are often associated with koalas and mint-scented ointments. However, experts advise against planting one within your residential property. That’s because eucalyptus trees grow too fast and require heavy maintenance. If you don’t want to spend a lot on arborist services, then you should scrape off the idea of ever planting this tree in your backyard.

  1. Golden Weeping Willow

The Golden Weeping Willow tree exudes mystery and beauty to those who see it. However, this tree may not be suitable with other plants in your backyard as it can suck out all the water in the soil. Also, it can be hard to maintain because it can grow as high as 100 feet.

  1. Female Ginkgo Biloba

This tree traces its origins somewhere in Asia and has been used as an essential ingredient for Chinese medicine. However, it may not be nice to plant this tree in your backyard. For one, it can grow up to 80 feet in height, and pruning can be quite a hassle. The fruits, when it drops to the ground, can be quite messy and hard to clean.

Best Trees to Plant In Your Backyard

On a bright side, there are some trees that are good to be planted in your backyard. Also, tree services won’t have a hard time pruning and maintaining the following trees:

  1. Magnolia

This tree can add exceptional beauty to your property. It also grows fragrant flowers around May and June. Although it grows slower than other trees, it can reach as high as 80 feet and as wide as 40 feet. Make sure to keep its base moist at all times to maintain its health.

  1. Weeping Cherry Tree

This tree is a great choice if you want a tree that won’t drown out your home and won’t grow too high as well. It also grows pink or white flowers every spring, which further adds to the tree’s beauty.

  1. Crepe Myrtle

This tree is more suitable for warmer climates, and can instantly add color to your property. It also doesn’t grow too high, hence maintenance is not that complicated. However, make sure to plant it far enough from the house to prevent issues when it grows.

How far should a tree from your house?

When planting a tree, it is important to note its distance from your property. This is to prevent problems that may potentially damage your house or even nearby plants. It is also important to have it trimmed/pruned regularly by tree removal companies. Here are some things you need to consider:

  • Trees 70 feet and above must be planted around 20 feet away from the house.
  • Medium-sized trees that do not exceed 70 feet should be 15 feet away from your house.
  • Small trees that measure 30 feet and below in height should be about 8 to 10 feet away from your house.
  • Plant trees that are proportion to your house. For example, large trees may be more appropriate for two-story houses. On the other hand, small to medium-sized trees are more appropriate for small houses.
  • As much as possible, choose trees that won’t create a mess (ex. fruit droppings or seed pods). Opt for ones that can withstand harsh weather as well.
  • Consider the roots. Make sure to plant the tree far from structures such as patios or swimming pools that can potentially be damaged by root growth over time.

Tree cutting services near you

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