Common Tree Cutting Mistakes You Should Avoid

It can take years for a tree to fully grow. The result is a majestic gift of nature that will serve an important purpose for all living things. Tall trees look mysteriously beautiful in forests. But if you have trees in your backyard, it is important to have it trimmed by professional tree cutting services for aesthetic and safety purposes.

Hiring arborist services near you can help improve your trees’ overall health. They will know when to cut diseased trees. Likewise, they will prune the tree so it grows better. By pruning trees, it will ensure your safety, as well as your property and even your neighbors.

However, some prefer to do it their own way. A lot of homeowners think that trimming a tree is a simple task. More so, they think that they can save money when they do it themselves instead of hiring tree removal companies.

Common tree cutting mistakes

DIY-ing tree cutting can be one of the worst decisions they would ever make. For one thing, most DIY-ers are not fully equipped with the right skills and tools to do the job. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners made the following mistakes of tree cutting. Hopefully, you won’t commit these errors in the future.

  1. Using poorly-maintained tools

Tools such as chainsaw are important in tree services. However, inexperienced individuals often take it for granted. That is why you should use well-maintained tools when cutting trees.

  1. Ignoring safety hazards

Like firemen and construction workers, professional arborists put on safety gear as part of their job. They are also equipped with safety equipment to prevent accidents. At the end of the day, you don’t want to put your safety on the line especially when you attempt to trim a tree.

  1. You think you know how to do it.

Just because you have watched video tutorials about cutting trees doesn’t mean you are an expert on the job. Professional tree cutters have years of work experience. Likewise, they have the right equipment and skills to do their job. More importantly, they do not work alone.

When you’re planning to trim your tree and make sure it is done right, you should hire professional tree removal companies.

What professional arborists can offer

Arborists are tree experts, including the identification of various tree types, proper care, and maintenance. Likewise, they are well-trained in their field, hence they can be trusted to do tree cutting services.

Aside from tree pruning and cutting, certified arborists can also offer:

  • Tree and plant care tips, including the prevention of disease and insects that can destroy the tree
  • Planting services, including the recommendation of best plant species depending on location
  • Tree removal and emergency tree care

Choosing a professional arborist

Doing the tree trimming without the right set of skills is not recommended. Instead, you should rely on a professional arborist for cutting and other tree services. Tree cutting can be a dangerous task and should not be done by inexperienced individuals. Here are factors to consider when choosing a professional arborist:

  1. They are mostly certified and insured.

Most professional arborists are employed by tree removal companies. More importantly, the company should also be registered in their respective areas. By hiring these companies, you can be assured that they will get the job done according to the industry and state standards.

  1. They have the latest tools.

Professional arborists should have the latest tools when they are on-call. This is to ensure that they will accomplish the job with more precision and less hassle.

  1. They know how to take care of a tree.

Tree care companies should not use spikes to climb a tree. Doing so can damage the tree and get contaminated by pests and diseases. A reliable tree care company uses a crane to position the crew on the tree area that needs to be cut.

  1. You discover them based on customer reviews, not through cold calls.

Cold calling is a common practice in business. However, it can be unreliable especially if you have not actual work experience with them. Instead, you can check out online reviews for feedback about tree care companies to help you choose among them.

For your tree care needs

If you need to trim the trees in your backyard, don’t think about doing it yourself. Hire a professional instead. It can cost you some bucks, but you will be assured overall job quality and expertise. Find an arborist in Montgomery County today for your tree care needs.

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