Decorating and Proper Tree Care this Coming Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner. Kids and kids-at-heart would look forward to wearing spookily cute costumes, decorating their homes, and basically enjoying the once-a-year fun occasion. Aside from preparing your house and your family, your backyard trees should be prepared for the occasion as well. For one thing, it can be a good time to call tree services for some trimming and pruning.

Making the most out of your trees this Halloween

You can also decorate your backyard trees in time for Halloween. A poorly-maintained, dried-up and unpruned trees can be a Halloween décor in itself. Then again, not every day is Halloween to make your trees look haunting all year round. That is why it is still best to hire tree cutting services to maintain the beauty of your trees.

Halloween is perhaps one of the most exciting annual occasions aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is something about Halloween that gives that certain charm especially among young children and the young-at-heart. No wonder a lot of families take time to dress up their children and their homes in line with the season.

This occasion also ushers in the cold winter season. This means preparing your trees and ensuring that they will withstand the cold weather in the next coming months. Having said that, it is best to find an arborist in your area to help your trees prepare for the winter season.

Taking care of your trees this Halloween season

Here are some tips to ensure your trees and your yard’s optimum condition during the cold season.

Mow your lawn.

Make sure to mow your lawn in time for the Halloween celebration. Arborist services and gardening experts recommend leaving about 3 to 4 inches of grass instead of scalping them bald. Doing the latter can inhibit proper growth and make your lawn area look unpleasant.

Take time to trim and prune your shrubs and trees.

Make sure to remove protruding branches that can cause injuries and other safety hazards. At the same time, it keeps your greens neater and looks more pleasing to the eyes.

Delay lawn watering.

Having a wet lawn can make your soil soft and cause damage due to foot traffic in anticipation of Trick-or-Treat and other Halloween festivities. Better yet, you can resume watering after Halloween.

Plan for your Halloween decoration.

In the spirit of Halloween, make the most out of the occasion by planning your décor well. You can also add Halloween décor on your trees and around your yard to make your home eye-catching all throughout.

Halloween decorating ideas for your trees

Speaking of decoration, this occasion is a great opportunity to unleash your creativity. This only happens once a year, so make the most out of the Halloween season. Aside from spooky costumes and scary home décor, you can also use your backyard trees to hang your Halloween decors. Without further ado, here are some décor ideas you can do for this upcoming Halloween.

Use string lights and wrap it around the branches and trunk

There are string lights available that come in Halloween colors – a combination of purple, white, and orange. It will create an amazing effect, especially at night. You can also add bat cut-outs for better effects.

Creating improvised spider webs

Wrap white yarns around twigs and shape them like spider webs. Hang these masterpieces on tree branches for that Halloween effect. If you have toy spiders, you can put glue or any adhesive and stick it to the “spider webs”.

Creating scary signages

Get creative this Halloween by making scary signages and posting these on a tree trunk. Come up with a warning like “Beware of witches and ghosts” and other scary creatures commonly associated with Halloween.

Other tree care tips

Here are other tips on taking care of your trees in time for the Halloween festivities.

  • Time your watering time. Tree cutting services and gardening experts recommend watering your trees and lawn area before the peak hours of the day. On the other hand, arborist services discourage watering the plants in the evening as it can lead to the development of fungi.
  • Gardening experts also suggest leaving the grass clippings on the ground instead of bagging it for disposal. Grass clippings can actually provide the nutrients the soil needs that can promote better growth on plants.
  • For tree removal due to damage, make sure to hire only the best tree removal services in Montgomery County.

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