Different Types of Tree Services

tree removalTrees are very important part of our lives. They grow, get old and die just like humans and animals. Anything that grows and changes shape during its life time needs care. This makes tree service very important. There are different types of tree services. Some deal with growing trees like “tree pruning and trimming”. Some deal with dead trees like “tree removal services”. Different circumstances and situations require different services.

Different types of tree services

Some of the tree services are listed below:

  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Emergency tree storm service

Tree pruning and trimming services

Since humans live close to trees, timely tree pruning and trimming service becomes a necessity. These services help in maintaining a healthy tree. Dead and ill branches are removed. It will also make surrounding area safe and secure, as branches that have overgrown are also removed. These services clean the trees by removing toxic substances that have accumulated on the tree. A well trimmed tree increases the beauty of its surrounding. If you live in an area managed by HOA, then tree pruning becomes essential.

Tree removal

Sometimes trees must be removed. This is especially true in cases when they pose danger to the nearby people and property. Trees that are dead need urgent removal. If someone wants to relocate a tree, in this case also it is first removed and then planted in another location. In order to keep nearby buildings and homes safe, large trees are cut according to a plan. This is done to make sure that parts of tree lands on a safe place. Once a tree is cut it should be transported to a safe location.

Emergency tree storm services         

Sometimes emergency arises due to trees. For example, when a tree falls down on a highway and traffic is obstructed or when a tree falls down on a transformer or a power line. These situations call for urgent action. Emergency tree storm services are important because they offer 24 hour emergency services. They have quick response time of well under 2 hours. Emergency services come with specialized set of equipments that are necessary for dealing with such situations.                     

Hiring a suitable tree services company

Always hire someone with an experienced and well trained staff. They should have good experience in dealing with emergency situations. Make sure that they are offering comprehensive insurance cover.

There are a number of tree service companies. Get detailed information before hiring service provider.     

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