Do hanging tree branches pose a safety threat to my home?

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Greenery has been the order of the day. With the increase in self consciousness among individuals taking the degrading environment, there has been an increase in tree plantation.

But with the old trees extending their branches, have you ever had a thought if these hanging tree branches pose a safety threat or not? Is it okay to not cut them? What will happen if we keep them as it is? There are lots of supporting questions to go about it and you may need to hire a tree service company to assist you.

Threats to Home

As beautiful as they look, these hanging branches can be fatal as well. As the tree which are planted ages ago mostly tend of have the hanging branches, with this they also have deep rooted origins which can cause cracks in the house or building if they keep on spreading.

Also there is a tension of water seepage followed by the cracks. This dampens the walls and gives an awful look and smell to the rooms.

Many times if the branches are hovering over the house then there might be a threat of the branch falling over the roof may be because it’s old or on the verge of breaking, which can crack the roof and may even lead to more fatal situation later.

Threats to Kids at Home

The  juveniles back home are the most carefree back home. They need large space around them to play freely. Especially in the gardens, this has its own charm amidst the nature. But if there ares branches protruding out of the tree then there are chances of the kids getting hurt.

Other possible threats

Various other things such as vehicles, people walking on the street, cart pullers, garbage pickers etc. may pose threat from the hanging branches also. Especially when at night its completely dark such things can be misleading to the driver and can lead to accidents.

If accidentally the tree branch falls on ground then it can damage the wires, fences, and can also block the road. Many times vehicles parked on road get damaged due to this reason. People on the road might get hurt if all of a sudden the tree falls on them and can lead to serious injury.

Hence regular tree trimming of the big and old trees is important to avoid such accidents.

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