Factors That Determine The Cost Of Tree Removal

tree removal

If a tree is causing damage to your house or becoming a safety issue, you should highly consider undertaking tree removal. You can remove the tree by yourself or hire a company to do it.

Hiring a removal company is usually the best option; however, many people are scared of the cost that comes with it. The amount charged by the removal company depends on many factors such as:

Location of the tree

Where is the tree located? Is it near a house or a road? Does it interfere with your neighbor’s property? As you might have guessed, the easy it is to locate the tree and remove it, the less the contractors will charge you. If the tree is located near utility wires and dangerous obstacles, the more you will have to pay the removal company.

Health of the tree

If your tree is dead, dying, or diseased, you should expect to pay more for its removal as the arborist service provider will have to be cautious when handling the project. The professional might also be required to use specialized tree removal tools to remove the tree.

If your tree is healthy, it will be easy to remove it; thus the company will most likely charge you a small amount. To save on the amount of money you use removing the tree, you should make it a habit to regularly inspect the trees and remove those that you are sure can’t survive.

Size of the tree

In most cases, big trees are difficult to remove as they require special machinery and skill. Small trees, on the other hand, are easy to remove especially if they are located in convenient areas. Due to these reasons, the removal company will charge you more for the larger trees. Most of the companies charge you more if your tree is more than 90 feet and 4 feet thicker.

Quality of the removal company

No two rental companies are the same. Some have been in business for years, have highly experienced technicians, and have powerful machines. Others are new and don’t have any machines. If you hire a company that has an established reputation you should expect to pay more for it than when you work with a company that is just starting out.


These are some of the factors that determine the about of money that you use to remove your tree. To avoid surprises, first take quotes from different tree services providers, then decide on the best company to work with.

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