Getting to Know Your Friendly-Neighborhood Arborists

Trees are indeed blessings from nature. Not only it provides shelter and shade for other living things but are simply majestic to look at. Trees also provide fruits that can satisfy one’s hunger. Looking at trees can also make you feel one with nature and make you appreciate your surroundings. Because trees provide the things we need, it is only best to give them the treatment that they deserve.

For one, you should hire arborist services for regular pruning and trimming. In case of disasters, you should also contact emergency tree storm services if a tree topples down within your property. On the one hand, you can do all of these if you want to save on paying for professional services. However, it is often not recommended and should be done by professional arborists, who have the right tools and equipment to get the tasks done.

The art of arboriculture

Arboriculture seems like a fancy job, but it is actually not. On the contrary, it is one of the noblest jobs there is especially if you appreciate trees. For starters, arboriculture is the science of taking care of trees. It involves the right method of pruning and trimming shrubs and trees not just for aesthetic purposes but also to ensure safety for people and properties nearby.

Arborists also ensure trees’ health and value. They are well-trained to detect tree damages and diseases. At the same time, they are the ones who take necessary action steps to save the tree from decay. If you want to keep your trees and shrubs well-maintained at all times, it is best to hire arborist services.

Arborists also wear various name tags as well. They are also referred to as tree climbers, line clearance foreman, or tree trimmers. However, they all pertain to one job and that is taking care of trees. Aside from trimming and pruning, tree removal companies also get rid of fallen trees that caused damage to properties.

Professional arborists also have the right tools and equipment to use as part of their job. This includes cranes, power saws, chippers, and other arborist items. Basically, they play an important role in the community. Without them, we will be left to trim and prune large trees or remove fallen trees without the right tools, equipment, and skills to do so.

Different kinds of arborists

Yes, you read that right. In case you don’t know yet, there are actually different practicing arborists. While they all underwent training in tree care and maintenance, their main difference is their respective titles and field expertise. These are some of the arborist titles and their specializations.

  • Landscape Architect – skilled in landscape planning and design; may have basic knowledge on arboriculture although this is not their expertise
  • ISA Certified Arborist – with high skills and knowledge in arboriculture
  • ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) – with a high level of knowledge in assessing tree risks and determining the right process to handle it
  • Certified Forester/Certified Urban Forester – with a high level of knowledge in forestry/urban forestry as well as dealing with forest fires
  • ISA Certified Tree Worker – has basic tree care knowledge and assists certified arborists in various tree services
  • ISA Certified Arborists – performs general tree care and inspection; should have the necessary certifications to qualify for the job

What to consider when hiring arborists

First of all, an arborist should have extensive knowledge about his line of work. The arborist company should also have the right equipment and tools to perform their job well. Here are some other things to consider before you find an arborist, or at least determine signs of a damaged tree.

Look for the presence of mushrooms or fungi.

If there are, you should contact an arborist immediately. The tree might still be saved and do treatments to remove the fungi growing on the tree. Otherwise, the arborist may have to cut it down.

Don’t just look for insurance.

A good tree care company should also be reputable and certified. The workers should be well-compensated as well.

Try contacting them during off-peak months.

Tree experts say their off-peak months are during the winter season, or sometime around October to December. More often, tree care companies offer low prices for their services.

Finding a reliable tree care company

These are only some things you need to know about arborists. Like engineers, arborists also have their respective skills and specializations. That is why you need to know which one of them you should hire in the future. For your tree care needs, make sure to contact only the best tree services in Chevy Chase. Contact one today!

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