Gone But Not Forgotten: What to Consider Before Planting a Tree Tribute

Losing a loved one can be very painful. It doesn’t matter whether you lose a parent, sibling, a close relative or friend, or even a favorite pet. However, there are many ways to keep the deceased person’s memory alive even beyond the grave. One unconventional yet interesting way to preserve that person’s legacy is by planting a tree.

Planting trees as a memorial to a dead loved one

More and more families have planted trees as a tribute to their deceased loved ones. Not only will it benefit the environment but also the future generations to come. At the same time, these trees deserve to be treated and well-maintained. Otherwise, such efforts of planting a tree and then leaving it ignored for a long time will all go in vain.

In such cases, it is a good choice to hire tree services personnel to take care of the tree. For one thing, all kinds of trees are meant to be taken care of. Also, tree care and maintenance should be done by experts. Make sure to find an arborist in helping you taking care of your trees.

Common trees planted for a tribute

Planting a tree in memory of a loved one may not be an automatic decision by the majority of the families out there. Although it is not really a mainstream concept yet, there are already a lot of people out there who discover the amazing benefits of planting a living tribute.

Before that, it is also important to know the right kind of trees to plant as a tribute to a deceased loved one. Apparently, each tree can suit every deceased person’s traits and personality during his or her lifetime. In addition, it is said that the bloom, tree type, and size should also be considered in selecting the right tree to plant as a living tribute.

Among popular types of trees and even plants as a living tribute to a deceased loved one are the following:

  • Magnolia tree (the smaller variety)
  • Lilac (the white lilac variant)
  • Japanese tree lilac
  • Dogwood
  • Japanese maple
  • Hydrangea plant
  • Crabapple
  • Redbud
  • Carolina silverbell
  • Sugar maples
  • Birch
  • Red pine
  • Beech

Choosing the right tree to plant for a dead loved one can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, that tree or shrub will serve as a living reminder of your loved one, that his or her memory will prevail in many years to come. Of course, you may have to hire arborist services for proper tree care and maintenance.

How you can plant trees in memory of the deceased loved one

There are many ways that you can plant a tree or shrub as a way to preserve your loved one’s memory. Regardless of your options, you should make sure to take care and maintain it well. In such cases, you may want to hire emergency tree services to help take care and maintain the tribute tree. Here are some options to consider.

Sending a seedling to a loved one

Instead of flowers, which will later on wilt after a few days, you can consider giving a loved one a seedling that will serve as a memorial tree. There are some companies that offer tree seedlings that are usually given during or after a memorial service.

Planting a tree using the deceased person’s ashes

It may seem morbid for some people. However, this doesn’t literally mean simply planting the trees using the ashes. Instead, a biodegradable urn or vessel will be used to hold the ashes. The seed will then be planted in the vessel containing the deceased’s ashes.

Plant the tree yourself.

You can also choose to plant a tree by yourself in your own backyard or any special location of your choice. It can be a nice feeling to see the growth of your tree over time. You should also hire arborist services to help maintain your tree and for better growth.

Being one with nature while preserving a loved one’s memory

Trees can be inspiring and breathtaking. There is something about trees that can make us feel calm and relaxed. Planting a tree tribute is a great way to remember a loved one and contributing to the welfare of the environment.

Regardless, all trees deserve the right care and maintenance so it can thrive better. That is why you need to hire tree cutting services for your tree care needs. Find an arborist in Chevy Chase today!

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