How close to Your Home Should You Plant Trees?

Trees around your home add incredible value. It’s important to ensure that you plant the right trees and the right distance from your house. It’s best to get arborist services before you choose trees and while deciding where to plant the trees in your house. The distance of the house and the trees in the house will depend on various factors and in this article we review how far a tree should be from your home. The beauty aspect of your home is important but its also important to ensure the safety and preservation of your home

How far should you Plant Your Trees

Below are the considerations you should follow when choosing trees to plant in your house;

  • Safety of your home

Consider how safe your home is when the tree comes of age. The roots of the tree may affect the foundation of your home and cause cracks. Before you plant any tree find an arborist and consult on whether the tree is safe for your home. Don’t plant trees too close to your home that will necessitate the emergency tree storm services every time there is a storm. Also, consider whether the tree you want to plant is safe for your family. Determine whether the tree you want to plant is poisonous. Even if a tree is beautiful to consider whether it has any health effects on your children.

  • Shade

Avoid planting trees that will be too large when they are grown near the house. If you plant trees near the house, that may cause the house to become dump leading to allergies. Speak to the arborist on which trees are best planted near the house. Trees that provide fruits and don’t overgrow can be planted near the home. If you need shade, plant the trees farther away from the house.

  • Size of your house

If you have a small house, consider planting the trees in the farthest corner to avoid overshadowing the house. Also, ensure that you choose trees that will not overgrow.

  • Choose Trees that will not litter

Avoid planting trees that will litter your roof and house. If you have to plant such trees make sure you plant such a tree in the farthest corner of the home.Before you plant any trees in your house make sure you consult the tree services company on the best tree for your house.

Consider the size of your house and consult the arborist on how close a tree can be to your house

What Kind of Trees Should You Plant in Your Compound

  • Trees that add beauty

The beauty of a tree will depend on the shape and color of leaves of the tree. The tree you plant should be safe for the children and your guest. Choose a tree that will provide shade to your family. Plant fruit trees close to the house. Fruit trees not only add beauty to the house but are a source of fruits for the family

  • Trees that don’t require a lot of maintenance

Consider planting trees that don’t require a lot of maintenance next to the house. Choose disease-resistant plants and trees that withstand the different seasons. Avoid planting trees that shed too many leaves next to the house because that will become a nuisance.

  • Root friendly plants

The trees you plant should not affect the foundation of your house. Talk to the tree service company experts on the best tree for your house. Make sure the trees planted will not affect the perimeter or the foundation of your house.

Trees to avoid

  • Trees for timber

Avoid planting trees for timber near your house. Trees such as pine normally grow to uncontrollable sizes, and that may affect the structure of your house. If you have a small house plant trees that will not overgrow.

  • Trees that Shed Frequently

Trees that shed a lot of leaves will make it difficult to maintain the house. Invest in trees like the avocado tree because they will not drop leaves often and make the house untidy

Avoid trees with a lot of pollen

Pollen is a  known allergen, and that may give your family members allergies. Trees with a lot of pollen will also attract a lot of insects which may harm your family

  • Avoid Trees with Wild Roots

Avoid trees which have fibrous roots especially if you have a small house. The arborist will advise you on the best trees to plant in your house.

  • Poisonous trees

Avoid poisonous trees because they are a danger to your family.

What Should you do if your Compound has the Wrong trees

  • Cut down any trees that are a danger to your family. Get tree cutting services and have the trees removed
  • Get rid of any poisonous tree and replace with trees that provide fruit

If the trees in your house are not appropriate to consider inviting the tree cutting services company Bethesda to remove them. If your house is congested, consider cutting the trees and planting them afresh. Make sure the trees in your house add beauty and are secure for your family.

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