How I can get a free tree assessment?

Tree Pruning

It may not feel like it, but technically spring is here! Hard to tell with snow on the ground though. But soon enough the leaves will be popping on trees, the weather will warm up and the nasty, unpredictable winter will be a thing of the past.

Tree Pruning

Time, then to turn your attention to caring for your trees, although generally an asset to your landscape they need to be carefully inspected to identify any hazards such as broken, cracked, split limbs, rot, decay, deadwood and other conditions. We’ll also assess the need for routine maintenance pruning, something that should generally be done every 3-5 years, depending on the species, age and location of the tree.

While tending to your spring landscape maintenance, planting your annuals, mulching the plant beds and fertilizing the lawn, don’t ignore what could very possibly be the most important and irreplaceable, as well as possibly hazardous aspect of your landscape-your trees. Call the Tree Service professionals at Takoma Tree Expert’s LLC for a free visual inspection and estimate if any work needs to be done. Although we can never guarantee that a tree is safe, in fact no tree is ever completely safe, we can help to identify conditions that may increase risk.

With summer storms just a few short months away (and they don’t wait around for summer-we just had one a couple weeks ago that toppled numerous trees), get a jump start on pruning, maintenance or removal as well as abundant free advice. Some advantages to calling us now are lower prices-we tend to be less busy in late winter/early spring, minimal backlog, tree sap isn’t running yet, faster, easier cleanup due to no leaves on the trees, quicker estimates.

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