How Should You Care for Your Trees in Winter?

Snow removal

Rapid temperature fluctuations may wreak havoc on your trees. The storm, ice, and fluctuations may cause problems to your trees especially if they are not native to the cold region. While it may not be possible to avoid all the issues that arise during winter it may be possible to take care of your trees to ensure minimal damage. Depending on the kind of trees in your house its best to find an arborist who will advise on how best to make sure your trees survive the winter season.

Winter Season Tree Problems and How to Solve Them

  • Frost Cracking

Due to fluctuating temperatures, the bark may expand and contract resulting in vertical cracks in trees. The cracking may not be a danger immediately and most happens to mature trees. Frost cracking mostly occurs in late winter due to the trees exposure to sunny afternoons and very cold nights.

How to Fix Frost Cracking

There is hardly anything that can be done for a tree that has experienced the cracks. It’s however important to consult the tree removal companies on how best to ensure the tree remains healthy. The arborist may also be able to come up with solutions to ensure that your tree doesn’t lose too much moisture and its healthy.

  • Hampered growth

Late growth on trees may not have the same time to adjust and that makes them vulnerable during winter. Ice will rapture the cell walls in the younger growth and that may cause damage to the growing trees

How to Fix Hampered growth in Young Trees

It’s best to schedule pruning after the trees become dormant. If your trees are pruned just before winter begins that will lead to new growth and that increases the risk of damage during winter. It’s best to find arborist services who will carry out pruning in the right season. You should also avoid applying fertilizer that may damage the trees. Make sure you speak to the tree services experts on the best fertilizer for your trees during this season.

  • Drought During Winter

During winter a tree may lose more water than it’s ability to absorb. If its windy during winter the tree will lose more water than they are able to absorb. It’s best to have your trees taken care of before the season begins to ensure they don’t dry out during the season

How to Fix Drought Problems during Winter

Mulching will help your trees to retain moisture and protect the trees from extreme temperatures. It’s important that the mulching is done properly to avoid fungus attack. procure arborist services to ensure the mulching is done properly.

  • Breaking Branches

Windy winter will make your trees susceptible to damage. In case of any damage make sure you contact emergency tree services company to remove the branches and prevent any damage and accidents. Deciduous trees are also likely to break during winter due snow and ice and it’s crucial that your trees are well maintained before the beginning of winter.

How to Fix Broken Branches during Winter

Proper maintenance of the tree before the beginning of winter will ensure that your trees remain strong throughout. Make sure the tree services schedule are followed to make sure your trees remain Healthy.

  • Rodents

During winter food for animals such as rodents is scarce and that makes trees a target. Wild rabbits will often chew the barks of trees and that may destroy the trees.

How to Prevent animals from Damaging your trees during winter

You can prevent rodents from attacking your trees by setting a bait and also leave a space between the tree trunk and the mulch. The arborist will advise on any repellents that you can use to protect your trees. Depending on the kind of trees in your house consult the tree service company on the best method to keep away rodents.

Other Tips to Ensure Your Trees Remain Healthy in Winter

  • Plants trees that are native to the area where you live. Trees that are not native may experience stress and eventually get damaged
  • Make sure that your trees are well maintained throughout the year. When trees are healthy they are likely to overcome winter easily
  • Treat any trees that are damaged or diseased before winter begins
  • Prune only dormant trees
  • Apply the right fertilizer that will ensure the growth of the trees.

It’s important to ensure that your trees are well taken care of throughout the year. Work with the tree service company Chevy Base that has the expertise to take care of your trees. Follow the care instructions given by the arborist to keep your trees healthy.



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