How to Keep the Trees in Your Compound Healthy

Healthy and resilient trees in your compound will add great beauty and make the compound look gorgeous. They provide shade, add value to your property all year round. It’s easy to take mature trees for granted as they do well without much care. However, it’s important that you find an arborist to take care of your tree and ensure they are well cared for so that they can survive harsh weather and prevent damage that they may result due to weakness.

Why You Need Tree Services

  • Get to Know What Your trees need

The arborist will check the kind of trees in your compound and advice what your trees need. The arborist will advise on the best trees for your compound. Some trees may not be suitable if they are too close to the compound as they may break and damage your home.

  • Know what your Trees Need

Arborist services will help you know what your trees need to stay healthy. The arborist can tell the kind of trees that are in your compound and the moisture needs of that tree. The arborist will also advise whether the tree is sited correctly and whether you tree requires more water and fertilizer to keep healthier.

The arborist will be able to determine what the trees are sensitive to and ensure that the tree is not damaged. Some trees may be allergic to salt sprays, too much water or drought.

Ways to Take care of your Trees

Below are simple tips on how to take care of trees

  • Ensure Healthy Roots

Healthy roots will ensure your tree is healthy. For any tree to be healthy it’s important that the soil is healthy. It’s therefore important that you get arborist services so that they are able to advise you on how to keep the roots of your tree healthy. The soil on which your trees are planted need to be nutritious and that will ensure that your trees look healthy and give your compound a curb appeal.

  • Maintain Healthy Soil around the trees

Trees will do well when there is an intact layer of decaying matter around it. Trees in the forest do well on there because there is a lot of matter around them. How do you ensure that your trees are healthy without making the compound look untidy? One of the best ways to maintain healthy soil is to use the fallen leaves to mulch around the trees. That will aid in adding nutrients to the tree soil and that will, in turn, make the tree healthier.

  • Protect the bark of the tree

A bark protects the tree and prevents fungal and bacterial infections. A damaged bark will lead to the tree rotting from the inside. The tree could be damaged by

Branches rubbing against each other

Branches that are close to each other and entwined will rub against each may cause damage to the bark of the tree. It’s important to invite the arborist for tree cutting services to ensure the tree remains healthy

  • ┬áPrune properly

The arborist will advise you on the best time prune your trees. The tree services company has the right equipment to prune your trees properly. The experts will look at the structure of the tree and select the branches that need to be pruned without damaging the tree. Below are the branches the arborist is likely to trim;

  • Crossing Branches

The branches crossing and rubbing each other could damage the trees and make the compound look untidy. The arborist will remove the branch that is small and leave the sturdy and strong branch. Crossing branches are also thinned out to allow for light to penetrate making the tree healthier.

  • Dead and Broken Branches

The arborist will cut the branches that are dead or broken to prevent the tree form organism that will degrade the tree further. A broken or a dead branch will cause the tree to lose more moisture and look unhealthy

  • Dead and broken branches.

Remove them with a clean cut so that the tree will self-heal. Leaving dead or broken branches on the tree can create rough breaks where moisture and organisms will move in and degrade the tree.

  • Low Branches

Low branches will allow more light to penetrate and make the tree healthier. It’s important to remove low branches as might be damaged by equipment and vehicles easily.

Tree services will ensure that your trees are healthy and perk up the value of your home. Healthy trees will give your home unparalleled beauty and elegance. It’s therefore important that they are nurtured, and they are properly taken care of by the experts from the tree cutting company MD

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