How to Properly Trim a Tree

In case you don’t know yet, trees also need to be trimmed just like your plants and bushes in your garden. It is nice to see broad trees that provide shade and are home to birds and other small creatures around us. However, trees also deserve the care and maintenance so that it can last for several generations. That is why it is important to find an arborist to help with tree maintenance or removal.

Why trim trees?

Not only smaller plants such as grasses and bushes need some regular trimming but also large trees – even those that have been standing strong in your backyard for decades. There are several reasons why hiring tree services may be necessary. Here are some reasons why trimming – also called as pruning – should be done:

  1. Tree pruning helps in maintaining its shape and strength.

Tree removal companies are the one to call if you want to make your backyard trees look their best. Among common tree cutting services include removal of damaged branches and creating a cleaner shape for the tree. This procedure should be done properly to avoid creating unintentional damage to the tree.

  1. Tree pruning promotes air and light penetration.

This practice also aims to allow air and light to penetrate inside the crown of the tree and maintain its overall look and health. Pruning is also especially important for older or mature trees as part of a preventive measure to preserve its health.

  1. Tree pruning helps in preventing the spread of disease on the entire tree.

Trimming may be necessary especially if some of the branches are “diseased”, meaning it may be infested with insects or a tree branch has already wilted. Usually, the pruning blade is dipped in a bleach solution to prevent the potential spread of disease.

  1. Tree pruning prevents potential safety hazards.

Overgrown tree branches may cause entanglement with power lines that can cause safety hazards such as fires, lightning strikes, or power outages. Dangling tree branches may also cause potential danger such as accidentally falling off on a person below, or getting blown away and hitting your house during bad weather.

When is the right time to trim trees?

Timing is also important when it comes to pruning trees courtesy of reliable emergency tree services in your area. It also depends on the tree’s state of health. For example, pruning should be done if there are presences of diseased, dead, or dangling branches that can cause potential safety hazards.  In such cases, pruning can be done regardless of the season.

On the other hand, here are some things you need to consider before pruning a tree:

  • It is not recommended to prune trees when the leaves have just grown out during spring time. Otherwise, premature pruning can make the tree prone to damage and weakening.
  • Avoid pruning oak trees within late spring to midsummer because oak wilt is prevalent during that time.
  • Pruning may be necessary when there’s already drooping or sagging of branches present to the point that it is already a few feet away from the ground.
  • Pruning to maintain the tree’s structure is highly recommended after leaves have already fallen and the branches are already visible.

How to prune trees

There are different pruning methods done by tree removal companies to maintain a tree’s overall integrity and strength. These are the following:

  1. Reduction

This method involves reducing the tree’s size, usually to provide clearance for utility lines. Unlike topping, reducing the tree size keeps the tree’s overall form and integrity.

  1. Raising

This pruning method involves removing the lower tree branches to provide clearance for objects on the ground such as vehicles and pedestrians.

  1. Cleaning

This involves the complete removal of dead, diseased, and weak branches from the tree.

  1. Thinning

This involves selective removal of branches to promote light and air penetration through the tree crown. This method also helps maintain the tree’s shape and reduce weight due to heavy branches.

Other pruning tips

Here are some other tree-pruning tips you need to know as well:

  1. Avoid pruning too close to the tree trunk because it can delay the sealing of the tree’s damage or wound. Likewise, this is to prevent the formation of stubs that can serve as insects’ entry point. Instead, cut outside the collar of the branch.
  2. When trimming young trees, consider maintaining a branch “leader” among the other branches and let it grow upward. Do not let other “supporting” branches outgrow the main branch nor prune the tip of the lead branch.
  3. When trimming palm trees, make sure to remove only the damaged fronds and keep the green and healthy fronds.

There are many tree removal services in Montgomery County and elsewhere near your area. Choose one that will meet your needs and provide the best service for you.

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