How to remove a tree stump effectively?


Have you just removed that tree that was threatening your landscape? Well, that’s good! But, what about the stump that stayed behind? You don’t need to stay with it forever. Getting the tree stump removed is the best form of landscaping services

The Need to Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stump can make your landscape look very unappealing to the eyes. Moreover, your tree stumps attract insects and termites. They are sharp edged, so if you happen to trip over it, you will surely have a painful fall. Apart from the basic reasons, Feng Shui also has its own reasons, for not having a tree stump. They are similar to a tomb stone, having an unpleasantness associated with it. It’s best to go ahead with tree stump removal, best form of landscaping services

Tree Stump Removal Techniques

If you are planning to get the tree stump removed, there are three techniques that professional stump removal services utilize: mechanical, decomposition and digging.

Mechanical:Possibly the quickest method for stump removal services; needs you to use a stump grinding machine which possess a large flywheel with cutting teeth. The person operating this machine will move the cutting teeth across the stump such that it is ground little by little. The efficiency of the grinding machine depends on largeness of cutting teeth in case of mechanical stump removal.

Decomposition: This is basically chemical decomposition of the tree stump. This process takes a long time, depends on the kind of tree, type of soil and on how large the remaining stump is.

Digging: This is the third way of removing the stump from its place. If the stump is small, you can remove it using a backhoe or normal machinery used for excavation. You can keep digging till the soil around the stump loosens.

Stump Removal Services

You can hire professional stump removal services. Get a quote from  stump removal services before you hire them. It’s always good to make them have a look at the stump you are planning to get removed. If possible go for mechanical stump removal as it’s the best method.


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