How to Repair a Damaged Tree Bark?

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The bark of the tree is the toughest exterior surface that protects it from getting damaged by insects and certain environmental factors. The tree becomes more vulnerable to infections and rapid aging when its bark gets partially or completely damaged. Generally the tree will not able to survive once the bark has been damaged significantly. Proper care of trees should thus be taken.

Bark damage

Sometimes the bark of the tree gets accidentally injured by simple activities like gardening through powerful equipment. However, if the damage is repaired as soon as the accident happens, there are the chances that your tree will possibly survive. It will replenish its bark within a year or two and the spot of initial injury will not be visible. Certain types of damage are likely to be fixed easily, while some will not be easily fixed. Moreover, larger trees having deeper layers of tissue are actually irreparable. Yet there are certain things you can do when your tree is negatively affected.

Tools and materials required

The materials required for fixing your tree’s bark are duct tape, tree bark solution and pesticide. Scissors, blade or a sharp knife are the tools required in the process of repairing the damaged bark of the tree.

What to do to join a cut-out portion?

Find that portion of the tree that is severely damaged to begin repairs. Retrieve the cut-out portion, take some duct tape and fix that piece to the tree by using the duct tape. Strap more duct tape around the tree to ensure perfect fixing of the portion that came out. This should be kept in this way at least for three months and not much longer as the duct tape can start damaging the existing tree bark. This procedure requires more care during rainy reasons.

Mend the wound

It there is no cut out portion, then you only need to nurture the wound to incite rapid healing. Just refine the area using a knife or blade, depending upon the damaged part. Get rid of all the jagged pieces. Construct an eye-like shape on the damaged area with the narrow top and bottom part, and wider middle part. This way the tree will heal rapidly and not get succumbed due to its injury. Meanwhile, the insects may get collected in the wound and affect it negatively. Therefore, spray some pesticide to that susceptible section which is damaged to get rid of hidden insects and their eggs. The bark solution should be sprayed on the damaged area to protect it from the environmental conditions. It works similarly as a sealant.

Additional tip

Try to mend your tree’s bark as soon as you see any signs of damage. Don’t procrastinate the work of repairing your tree as it will become more prone to death if it is injured for a longer time. To eliminate hassles, hire a tree removal company for easy assistance.

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