Is it Necessary to Remove a Tree Stump Through Grinding?

Tree removal requires a specific process that needs to be followed. That is why it is often recommended to call tree removal services to remove a tree that can be potentially dangerous for everyone near the property. For your tree removal needs, it is a must to find tree services after a tree has fallen down within your property due to some reason.

Tree removal services and their employees are professionally trained to remove fallen trees. Likewise, they can also provide other tree care-related services such as pruning and trimming large trees. You can also choose to remove a tree on your own, but it is not often recommended as it should be done by professionals using the right equipment. Your safety, as well as your property, are also at stake, so it is better to hire professional tree cutters instead.

Removing a tree stump

Once a tree has been cut, it will most likely leave a stump. It’s going to be two things: either to remove the stump or simply let it be. In such cases, you should let professionals remove the stump. For one thing, stump removal can be as tedious as removing an entire tree. You can also choose to remove a tree stump manually or by using chemical products.

Stump removal can be tedious depending on the process applied. Generally, it involves removing the tree stump itself, the roots included. One thing is that it won’t pave way for regrowth and opt to plant another tree or cover it with pavement or any material. Otherwise, it leaves an unpleasant-looking hole that can potentially house rodents or other animals, or even cause accidents in worse cases.

All about stump grinding

But the question remains: Which is the better method of tree stump removal? One of the most common options is through stump grinding. It involves using a stump grinder and a chainsaw to do the job. Of course, only professional arborist services should do the stump grinding task.

Stump grinding is not really labor-intensive as it uses special equipment to shred the stump to bits. Unlike manual stump removal, grinding is more efficient in terms of labor and time to do. Plus, the wood chips can be used as mulch for other trees or plants. On the slight downside, it may not remove the roots and may need a separate procedure to remove it.

The tree’s roots will eventually rot but it may take a long time. So, if you want to remove a tree stump completely including the roots, tree care experts would suggest going for other tree stump removal options instead. You can consult professional arborist services for better advice about stump removal.

Prices may vary depending on the depth of the stump grinding. The deeper the removal, the more expensive it can be. However, there are also things that need to be considered in stump removal. For example, tree care experts should also take note of other materials around the tree’s vicinity before using a stump grinder, such as:

  • Lawn sprinklers
  • Tree lighting wiring system
  • Hoses that are buried in the ground
  • Backyard pools
  • Patios/walkways/concrete
  • Other trees and plants nearby
  • Rocks or fences nearby

Exemptions for stump grinding

There are also instances wherein stump grinding may not be applicable. For example, stump grinding may not be applicable if there are frequent rains that can cause the soil to become heavy. Not only can the grinder cause a mess while operating it but also cause damage to the stump’s surrounding area due to the grinder’s weight.

In such cases, tree services suggest waiting for the soil to dry up first before proceeding on the grinding process. Better yet, you should consult a professional tree care personnel in order to evaluate the situation before any steps will be made. Stump grinding also costs depending on the stump size, location, and the required depth the grinder needs to complete the job.


Stump grinding is a good choice in terms of lesser labor intensity and time spent. The shredded wood bits can also be used as mulch for your remaining trees and plants. However, it is still best to hire professional emergency tree services in Bethesda so you can make a better decision in dealing with tree stump in your area.

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