Of Trees and Heat: Tips on Taking Care of Your Trees During the Hot Weather


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It’s still winter in many countries around the world, and it won’t be too long before we usher in the spring and summer seasons. Spring is something a lot of people look forward to, and so is summer. Snow starts to melt, flowers start to bloom again, and trees grow out their leaves again. It can also be a good time to hire arborist services to ensure your plants and trees’ better growth.

Planning for tree care this summer

If you have trees in your backyard, it is important to provide the right care and maintenance for them. One of the most important things you have to do is watering it regularly. However, the question is whether how much water your backyard plants and trees need.

Meanwhile, you may also have to hire tree removal companies in case your backyard tree is showing signs of damage or decaying. Tree services can help you in providing proper care and maintenance tips for the trees in your property. Aside from watering regularly, you should also make sure the tree is properly pruned and trimmed, and mulched.

On the contrary, too much heat can affect the growth of your trees and your landscaped yard. Even if your trees are regularly watered, the sun’s scorching heat can dry out the leaves and eventually cause damage to the tree as well as the other unshaded areas of your yard. You can also find an arborist to help you take care of your backyard trees.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners focus on getting rid of weeds, fungus, and other tree diseases. Homeowners are also willing to invest in irrigation systems and expensive lawn mowing equipment to make your yard look nice all the time. However, most homeowners do not realize how important also it is to take care of your backyard trees especially that the summer season is about a few months away.

Summer tree care tips

Spring and summer are about to arrive in a few months’ time, so make sure to have a plan to take care of your trees. Here are some essential tips for proper and more effective summer tree care.

Fertilize right.

There are slow-release fertilizers available in gardening stores. These should be provided on trees come early spring season and can last up to fall. Make sure to hire arborist services to conduct a soil analysis test.

Water right.

As mentioned, homeowners should also focus on watering your trees aside from your lawn and yard areas. Otherwise, the summer heat will easily evaporate and not be absorbed by the tree’s roots. Tree experts suggest watering your trees in the evening or early in the morning to lessen the risk of the water evaporating quickly.

Mulch right.

Mulching is important to ensure soil moisture and prevent the growth of weeds. At the same time, you need to avoid mowing near the tree root so it won’t be accidentally cut. It will also lessen the risk of your other trees, plants, and vegetation competing for water and moisture.

Dealing with harsh weather

Extreme weather can do extensive damage to the trees. In worst cases, even the strongest trees may topple over and cause damage to your property. If this happens, you should call emergency tree storm services immediately.

Summer storms also happen in many instances. While it can be a good thing especially during a scorching summer season, summer storms can be damaging on your trees especially when there is lightning and very strong winds. That is why it is important to have regular pruning and trimming dying tree branches.

Droughts are also a major threat to trees. Along with these devastating droughts, pests may also threaten these trees, plants, and other vegetation in your property. To avoid the devastating effects of these harsh summer weather, you should hire emergency tree services near you.


Even if it is still winter in many parts of the world, you should not wait long to tend to your trees. As early as now, you should prepare your trees and other vegetation before spring and summer arrive. For your tree care needs, you should only rely on tree cutting services in Chevy Chase. Contact one today!

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