Proper Pruning Will Increase Fruit Tree Production

tree pruningTree pruning is a horticultural activity that involves selective removal of parts of plants like buds, roots or branches. Pruning is done to remove deadwood, shaping the plant by controlling or directing the growth, reducing the risk of weak or diseased branches to fall, both harvesting and increasing the yield or quality of fruits. Arborists and orchardist use various garden and tree cutting tools for pruning. To ensure healthy fruit trees you should regularly trim them.

Ratio of trimming

The trimming of the trees is done to a specific ratio to its size; this is termed as Golden ratio. Different fruit trees have different ratio according to their species, but most of the trees should be trimmed 20% of their total branches. This ratio denotes that the tree should not be trimmed more than this; otherwise it may damage the health of the tree. An Arborist can help you with this, as he has knowledge about different tree species.

What to cut

The type of tree decides what branches have to be trimmed; an apple tree’s branches are longer near the tree’s center, whereas, lime or lemon tree has branches that tend to fan outwards. When pruning, there is a particular focal point for trimming. There are two important points to be kept in mind for what type of branches to be trimmed, firstly, the weak branches which cannot take the weight of the fruits and might bend. Secondly, the branches that reach distances should be trimmed because they can’t be reached at the time of fruit plucking. Professional help should be taken from tree trimming services, as they can determine which branches needs to be trimmed.

Importance of proper Pruning

If Pruning is done properly a strong tree can be created. Too much of leaves shouldn’t be trimmed because the leaves cover the fruits. Leaves also protect the fruits from skin damage, cold winds and dew (which can cause blackening). Mature trees are kept at a low height of around 2 to 2.5 mt. At this height the fruits remain in easy reach, this also allows pollinating, harvesting and it’s easier to do pruning from the ground.

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