Proper Tree Pruning And Trimming And Other Ways Of Preventing Damage To Your Trees

tree pruning and trimming

As a tree owner, you should be prepared for tree injuries. The injuries come about due to many reasons that include: planting the wrong tree, undertaking improper tree pruning and trimming, and many others.

While the injuries are common, there are a number of things you can do to prevent them from coming about. Some of these things include:

Plant the right tree

There is no way that your tree can be healthy if you have planted it in the wrong area. You should plant the tree in an area where it gets ample light. The area should also be large enough allowing the tree to grow without obstructions.

If you aren’t sure of the right place to plant the trees, you should get the input of a professional arborist service provider.

Mulch the trees properly

While homeowners know that they need to apply mulch to their trees, most of them don’t know how to do it properly, which results in issues with the trees. There are plenty of information both online and offline that you can use to your advantage and properly apply mulch to the trees.

When you properly apply mulch, you increase the growth rate of the trees, prevent basal damage, and conserve soil moisture. The right way to mulch the trees is to apply it to the trees to a depth of 2-4 inches.

Properly prune the trees

The other thing you need to do to prevent damage to prune the tree properly. When you are undertaking tree pruning, make the cuts at a proper location. Many people tend to over prune which results in issues with the trees.

If you aren’t sure of how to do it properly, let a tree services provider help you with the work. When you prune the tree properly, you improve its health and structure.

Apply the right fertilizers

Just like mulch, fertilizers are essential for the proper growth of the trees. You should be keen and ensure that you apply the fertilizers at the right place and at the right time. The best way of going about it is using balanced and granular fertilizer and spread it over the entire root zone.


These are some of the things you can do to prevent your trees from getting damaged. For you to maintain the trees in good shape, make it a habit of hiring commercial tree service providers to inspect the trees and fix any issues they might be having.

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