Pruning A Mature Tree: Why Professional Help Is Required?

tree pruningPruning is not as easy as it sounds. It’s an art which requires techniques and knowledge. Though it’s a common procedure applied to maintain the aesthetics of a tree, it requires a higher level of expertise to prune a mature tree. Improper pruning can damage the tree from which it can never recover or can sometimes shorten the life of the tree.

Why do we need pruning?

Pruning of a mature tree can be required for various reasons like

  • To remove rubbing limbs
  • To reduce hazards
  • To increase light, and flow of air for a building or structure which is blocked because of over or disoriented growth of trees.
  • To remove dead branches.

Correct pruning, with an understanding of tree ecology, can maintain fitness and formation of trees and help enhancing the artistic view of our landscapes. And thus seeking help from a professional tree pruning service provider is always recommended.

What is the right time for pruning?

Generally pruning can be done as and when required but if you want to go for some specialized and heavy pruning, it should ideally be done before spring. Spring is a fostering season for trees wherein they grow new leaves and increase shoot growth. Hence heavy pruning can stress the tree can cause harm to the tree growth.

How tree pruning is done?

A professional tree pruner knows the art of pruning the tree very well. Possession of proper knowledge of the cuts prior to undergoing pruning is very important. A three cut method is always followed while removing large branches or limbs of the tree. In order to make the tree achieve its full growth, different and specific type of pruning techniques are often practiced by professionals.

  • Cleaning: It is removing dead, dried or crowded branches from the crown of the tree.
  • Thinning: It is the process of removing selected branches to increase the light and air penetration through the crown of the tree for its better growth and health.
  • Raising: It is to cut out lower branches of the tree to clear the flow of air and increase the light penetration for the buildings and structure near the tree.
  • Reduction: This process is applied to reduce the size of a tree lengthwise, often to clear space for the utility lines.

Pruning the mature and large trees can be hazardous and unsafe if carried by non-professionals as it involves using powerful tools and working at heights. Professional tree pruning companies make it sure that no such damage occurs and the tree is pruned in the best way without affecting its natural growth.

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