Reasons Why You Should Remove a Tree Stump from Your Compound

Most people remove diseased or dangerously hanging trees from their house but leave the tree stump. A tree stump in your house is no big deal and after all, your presumption is that it’s not bothering anyone. The roots of a tree stump could stretch several feet below the ground affecting the structure of your house and it’s imperative that it’s removed in the most professional way. In this article, we tell you why you should consider removing that tree stump and why you should find an arborist to professionally remove the stump.

Why You Should Find an Arborist for Tree Removal Services

  • Professional Removal services

An arborist has the necessary equipment to be able to get to the deepest root of the tree stump. Professional tree removal services will save you time and money as they have the expertise and experience to remove the stumps quickly and effectively

  • Safety

A certified arborist will clearly mark the area around which he will be working and that will ensure safety for your family members. If the tree was deep-rooted it may take an arborist several hours to finish and it’s there important to have the area marked clearly. The methods used to remove the stump may be hazardous and dangerous if you don’t exercise caution you may get hurt and it’s therefore important to let the expert do it.

  • Saves you time and money

If you chose to remove the stump you will need to hire machines and without proper knowledge and experience you may not do it properly and end up taking a lot of time and money. It’s best that get  arborist services to remove the stump as that  saves you time and money

Why Tree Stump Removal is Important

  • Aesthetic Value

Most people view a stump as a natural thing to have on your house. If the tree stump is sitting on the front yard that may reduce the aesthetic value of the home. The stump hurts the curb appeal of your property and its necessary that you find an arborist for stump removal services. You lose the gains of landscaping by leaving the stump on your house.

  • Safety of Your Family

A tree stump not only ruins the appearance of your yard but its also a hazard to your children. The children may trip over and get hurt as they running around the house. That can become more serious if a neighbor falls over the stump and get hurts, that is a liability you have to deal with. The safety of your family and those around is a major reason to have any tree stump in the house removed. The tree stump is also annoying when mowing you lush green grass as you have to go round it and in case you hit that may destroy you mowing machine.

  • Value of your Property

A huge tree stump in the front yard will not only deter buyers but also lowers the value of your property. Most buyers will opt for a house full of flowers and leave the one that has tree stumps. The buyer doesn’t want to risk because they are not sure whether the roots of the stump have affected the structure of the house. Stumps also interfere with driveways, water pipes, decks and parking lot. To keep your property looking good its imperative that once you cut a tree, ensure that the stump is removed.

  • Disease and Infestation

A tree stump is more prone and vulnerable to insect and disease that could spread to other healthy trees. A rotting tree stump will attract ants, termites, spiders, grubs and other insects which could later invade your home. Tree stump removal is a preventive measure that will save other healthy trees from disease and insect attacks.

  • Takes up Valuable space

A stump takes up valuable space and it will prevent you from planting new trees or enlarging your flower garden. Removing the tree stump will give you the much-needed space to put a picnic table or patio in your backyard.

  • Fresh Growth

Leaving a stump will contribute to the new growth and that will normally result in many trees sprouting around the stump. The trees will take nutrients from other trees around and make them your yard look unappealing. The growth is unsightly to your landscape and becomes costly to keep trimming the trees. It’s, therefore, better to have the stump removed.

Stump Removal Techniques

  • Grinding
  • Use of chemicals to dissolve the tree stump

Removing a stump from the house not only adds value to the property but also gives you space to plant one more tree. It’s important that you let the tree removal services MD expert remove the tree stump to avoid leaving an eyesore in your house

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