Safe Stump Grinding Services

Stump Grinding

One of the most useful living things on earth is a tree. Growing trees invite rainfall and increase oxygen, thereby reducing air pollution. A tree is generally cut if it causes encumbrance to the society or an individual. It takes a lot of time and effort to cut a tree. Skilled professional and necessary tools are needed to chop all the branches and trunk of a tree. Generally a small portion of the trunk is left on the ground when a tree is removed. That small leftover portion of the trunk till the root is called ‘Stump’. Leaving the stump on the ground could be a cause of concern for the passersby. So it is wise to remove the stump completely. This method is called Stump Grinding which is done with a help of specialized equipment and professional arborist.

In order to avoid any risks associated with Stump Grinding, the professional has to keep these steps mentioned below in mind during the process.


Safety is the most important aspect of Stump Grinding process. The place where the stump has to be removed should be secure. Any rock or debris causing hindrance should be removed from the spot before the grinding starts. The grinding equipment should be comprehensively checked before operation. Appropriate safety clothing and equipment have to be worn as per industry standards.

Consulting Local Authorities

The local authorities are to be consulted before starting a stump grinding service to ensure there is no electricity or water pipeline beneath or near the stump grinding area. Also any shrubs or trees near the stump grinding area have to removed or pruned for the stump grinder to perform properly.

Following Instruction

One has to understand and follow all the instructions and guidelines for stump grinding. Physical fitness and capability is very important in operating heavy and bulky stump grinders.


Be vigilant in keeping the onlookers and passersby at a safe distance from the spot when the grinder is in operation. It is necessary to erect a Warning Sign to keep public especially children away from the working area. You should thus make sure that you hire a professional stump grinding company.

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