Services that a Certified Arborist Will Provide

Your home is surrounded by trees and you notice that the branches of the tree are growing in the direction of your home, and are wondering how to deal with the hanging trees because they are a threat to your home. You will need to find an arborist to take care of the tree and reshape them into the right direction. An arborist has the knowledge and equipment to take care of trees and ensure they are healthy. In this article, we tell you services you can expect and when you hire an arborist.

Services an Arborist Will Provide

A certified arborist will offer the below services:

Tree Pruning

The arborist will determine the kind of tree services you require ensure safety, health and maintain a good appeal. Pruning involves

  • Removing branches and limbs that are likely to interfere with roofs, gutter, and windows, those that are obstructing street light and sidewalks
  • Eliminate branches that rub each other as they may fall off and result in property damage
  • Cut off dead and weak limbs that pose a danger to your family.
  • Remove branches that have diseases or infected
  • Train young trees to face a certain direction and improve the shape of trees
  • Remove branches that have been damaged by severe weather
  • Creating better tree structures to ensure they are not affected by strong winds
  • Removing branches to allow for light penetration

Tree Removal Services

An arborist has the expertise and the equipment to remove any tree that may pose a danger. The arborist will advise whether a tree should be removed.

  • A tree is removed when its dying, is dead already and poses a threat to the property
  • Tree removal services are required when the tree is considered hazardous
  • When the tree is an obstruction.if the tree is constructing a walkway or lighting  then you need to find an arborist for tree removal services
  • A tree should be removed if its crowding and causing harm to other trees. The tree should be cut and replaced with a more appropriate one.

Emergency Tree Service

Extreme weather will cause branches or the entire tree to fall off landing on other trees or even in the roof of your house, or car. You need to find an arborist who will safely remove the tree without further damage to property or car.


An arborist can recommend the type of trees to plant and how they should be planted. The arborist will advise you on the best trees to plant and how to maintain the tree to ensure proper growth.

Disease Management

The arborist is able to assess the state of trees in your homestead and control any diseases that are likely to attack your trees. The arborist will spray or inject any diseased trees and ensure that the diseases doesn’t spread to other trees. A certified arborist will ensure that your garden of trees is healthy.

Tree Stump removal

The arborist will help you remove any unsightly stumps on your house. Before you remove the stumps make sure that the utility lines are marked to avoid damage.

Cabling to help support weak Branches

Cabling involves using cables to help support weak branches and trees. Cabling will help improve the structure of the trees.

Other Services the Arborist Will offer

  • Fertilization of the soil to ensure trees are healthy
  • Soil aeration to improve the growth of trees and ensure they are healthy
  • Installation of lightning protection systems
  • Consultation services on how to handle various tree issues and tree services

Selecting an arborist

To get the best results and to ensure your trees are healthy you need to engage the services of the certified arborist. A certified arborist is trained in planting, taking care of trees, maintaining each tree. It’s important that you choose a certified arborist to help you take care of your trees as they have the knowledge and experience to ensure a healthy garden of trees.

The trees in your house add value to your home and it’s important that you find the best to ensure that you maintain the aesthetic value of your home. A certified arborist will offer top quality services and ensure that any tree removal services MD is done with utmost care and professionalism.

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