Signs That the Trees in Your Compound are Diseased

The trees in your house play a crucial role in providing shade, adding beauty and value to the home. It’s therefore important that you ensure that the trees are healthy and look good. In this article, we look at signs that your trees are unhealthy, and they need tree services.

 Signs that Your Trees Are Unhealthy

  • Leaf Damage

If you notice discolouration, deformity, abnormal growth on the leaves of your trees you need to find an arborist for a checkup because that is a sign of a problem. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the look of trees in your homestead so that you are able to identify an unhealthy tree. You need to know how healthy tree leaves look like and if you notice anything unusual call the arborist for treatment and to avoid spreading the disease. Lesions, deformed leaves, and discolouration can be a sign of a serious tree disease and it’s important that you procure arborist services to take care of your trees. The arborist will also advise you on the best time to prune your trees and shrubs.

  • Declining Canopy

When a tree in your house begins to have a reduced canopy then you know there is a problem. Although this is hard to notice, regular checkup of your trees by an arborist will help you notice any reduced canopy. It’s important that the trees have a certain amount of canopy so that they are able to convert sunlight to food it needs to stay healthy. If you are able to see through the tree, then it means the canopy has reduced and requires tree services to ensure its health.

  • The growth of shoots on the lower trunks

Disease in trees mostly spread from the leaves and then goes to the stems and branches. If you see a tree with shoot sprouts at the end of a branch that is an indication that the tree is under stress from the disease. A diseased tree will use any stored energy to sprout new branches lower than the other branches. If you notice such sprout your trees need the attention of the arborist. New growth near the trunk of the tree is an indication that your trees need tree services

  • Dead Branches

When a tree has a growth near the trunk that is a sign that the tree needs attention. If you notice a lot of dead branches, that is an indication that there is a problem. You may also notice a dead branch but with small branches sprouting, an indication that the tree is diseased. You need to find an arborist who will assess the extent of damage and determine what needs to be done.

  • Change of colour and early leaf drop

To make your house look beautiful the tree in the yard need to be green . when the tree begins to have other colours and leaves begin to fall off earlier than expected that is a sign of trouble. The tree may shed all the leaves and it will go into hibernation. That may leave the trees in your house looking ugly and its therefore important that you contact the arborist early enough to save your trees.

Tips to Ensure Your Trees Remain Healthy in all Seasons

  • Schedule regular pruning and trimming of the trees during which the arborist will check the state of your trees. Make sure the trees are not over pruned.
  • Check the state of the trees in your house as often as possible and if you notice any of the above sign make sure you inform the tree services company immediately
  • Make sure you treat your trees with dormant oil treatment to kill any eggs of insects.
  • Provide cabling for weaker parts of the tree to ensure it survives longer
  • Fertilize the trees after the dry season to give them the much-needed nutrients

It’s important to ensure you carry out routine tree maintenance of the trees in your house. If any tree is too diseased it’s important to have it removed to avoid disease spread. Make sure you work with the best tree removal Montgomery County company. The company will remove the trees safely and advise you on how best to ensure the other tree remain healthy. Be keen on all the trees in your house and you will catch any issue early enough.

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