Steps to take while Pruning a Tree!

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Though trees should be pruned properly and in regular intervals, but winters invite for special care. For lawn you would need to spread a special fertilizer and for trees and bushes, you would need to trim and prune them. Though it is usually suggested to hire professional tree care, if you have the tools and know what you are doing, then here are a few steps that you need to follow. Get ready to prune your tree.


First and foremost, you need to analyze the tree to see what needs to be cut and what can be left for the season. Also, you need to see the size and shape of the tree to see if there is any danger to the property.

The other thing that you need to analyze is which branch forms the skeleton and which is auxiliary. These decisions would be essential before starting the project and you should also be able to mark them clearly.


Now you get the tools out. Once you have marked good branches, skeleton branches and damaged branches, you start with your tools. First, start with branches that show signs of damage. If necessary, see if you need to sever of the entire branch or just the damaged branch.


Areas where there is concentration of branches should be thinned. If you find it difficult to decide what to remove and what to keep, then start with branches that are growing inwards. Those are not at all healthy for the tree, even if they are not getting damaged. Then start analyzing the tree and see if they are causing any blockage. Try to see if there are any branches over the roof or near the windows. Cut or trim them.

Tree pruning should be done carefully. If you are cutting high branches, then make sure they are properly leveraged to lower them properly. Also, don’t get excited and start cutting everything you can lay your hands on. As essential tree pruning is, if not done properly, it could leave the tree open to further damage. For some trees it is necessary that you have at least 2/3rd of the branches on the trees. If you are not sure of what you are doing, then it is always better to hire a professional tree pruning service provider who can analyze and do the service properly.

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