Storm Damage Trees-Things You Need To Know

Storm Damage Tree ServicesStorm damage trees pose a serious risk to the life and property in its vicinity. Every year many people lose their lives and property worth millions is destroyed by storm damaged trees. However, there are ways in which people can prepare themselves and risk can be reduced.

What can you do before the arrival of storm?

Remember, storm damage tree prevention treatment will make your trees mare capable in dealing with bad weather situations like these. So, taking care of trees is of utmost importance.

Taking care of your trees

It is very important to take care of your trees. Always maintain your trees by with services like trimming and pruning. These services are like overhauling of trees. Diseased and overgrown branches are cut. Harmful chemicals and other toxic materials are removed. It also includes giving support to weak trees so that they can deal with nature’s fury.

Remove trees if necessary

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to remove a tree. Don’t look at the situation from emotional point of view. If a tree needs to be removed, than it must be removed. This is especially true in case of weak, old or dead trees.

Tree Care After The Storm

Once the storm has passed take a close look at the damage. Don’t climb on a damaged tree. Call professional services for doing this kind of work. A damaged tree is always dangerous. However, after assessing the damage about the extent of damage done by the storm and what kind of services you need to call. A weak leaning tree must be removed first. Apart from rain, hail and winds, lightning strike can also seriously damage a tree. In some cases, trees are reported to burn from inside, months after getting struck by a lightning.

Once the storm season is over, trees might get ill. If you notice decay or change in the color of leafs, immediately call an arborists and start treatment.

Strom damage tree services are there to help you in cases of an emergency. However, all services are not the same. Ask your family and friends about a trusted service provider. Always hire an experienced service provider. Take a detailed look at things like insurance cover they are providing, license, quality of their manpower and equipment.

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