Storm Damage Trees – What You Should Do

Storm damage tree services

Loses occurred due to storm damage trees can be controlled. All you need to do is take prior action before things get out of hand.

Things to do before the storm

Take care of your trees before the arrival of storm season. We will tell you how. (Storm damage tree prevention treatment) will keep you trees safe in rough weather situations.

Tree trimming and pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are necessary for maintaining good health of the trees. It includes removing of overgrown branches. Adding supporting system to the weak trees so that they can withstand natural forces like rain, snow, hail and wind. Tree is also cleaned during this process. Dust and chemicals are removed from the trees. Removal of toxic materials is essential for a healthy tree.

Removing tree

If in case a tree is incurable and becomes a threat to the nearby people and property, it should be removed. Also trees get old and die. You should always call professional tree removing services.

Things to do after the storm

Access the damage

Accessing the damage is the first thing that you need to do after the storm is over. Take proper safety precautions before climbing or getting on the damaged trees. Remember a damaged tree is a serious risk to one’s safety.  It’s best if you will let the tree company do their job.  This will give you an idea about which tree needs removal and which tree needs treatment. Lightning is a major cause of tree damage. Leaning tree must be immediately removed. Trees also get ill after the storm. Sometimes decay is caused from the inside, which is difficult to find out in early stages. Fungi may be the reason for this kind of decay. Arborist is the only person who can tell you precisely what is wrong with your tree and also suggest the remedies.

Many Storm damage tree services have popped up out of nowhere. Take a close look at details like license to operate, previous experience, equipment’s that they will use, do they have trained manpower and the insurance that they are providing. Get reference from your family and friends. You can also call some of their customers and ask about their services.     

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