Stump Removal: Decisions and Prospects


When trees fall of their place may be due to storm, or cutting down or any other reasons. There needs to be a decision about whether to remove the stump or not. Stumps can be eliminated from the root, though not easily, but with the help of necessary equipments and planning. A major decision which needs to be taken is whether to remove the stump completely or to cut it low or to remove it from the ground completely.

If you plan to remove it then comes the decision of whether to remove it all at once or to break it in pieces. It is really important to consider the equipment and the ample amount of space required.

Values and Subsidence:

Stump removal is a process of digging or pushing up the stump and then removing it out from the ground. Breaking down the stump into various small size of pieces so that they can be burnt easily or leave it as it is to decay.

They can be of great ecological value; being a source of food and habitat. It is really difficult to find them in various community landscapes. They are used by creatures who feed on dead and decaying stump. If a stump can be left in the way it is at the same place there will be lots of interesting things that happen. It can be used to enrich the soil if surrounded soil which is healthy. It can also provide a sound environment and enrich the site.

However, when a stump is removed the soil will be left empty behind. For the soil to subside, new soil will be needed to fill the soil gap left due to removal of stump. Do not try to fix in the soil by tampering inside the old spaces left. This can destroy the soil as it needs to be given enough time for setting and being back in the same state.

The Future Prospects:

The soil left behind after the removal of stump can be used back again once it is decayed for years. It takes time for soil to go under the process of decay and to function well. Once the soil is decayed completely and is healthy it can be used back for plantation. Usually, several years are allowed for the soil to decay and process before planting a new one. If the plantation is done early the new plant will be not strong enough and will most probably be infected by pests.

It is very important to hire a professional stump removal services and to get things back in place in a good condition.

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