Sustainable Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is not complete without Christmas trees. All over the world, billions of people decorate their own Christmas trees with various décor of their choice. In the US, it is said there are as many as 30 million Christmas trees that are sold. We are talking about 30 million real Christmas trees cut down every year just to accommodate the Holiday season.

On the other hand, some households use man-made Christmas trees that can be reused year after year. Still, there are a lot of people who prefer real Christmas trees. Nonetheless, trees should be taken care of properly. It is also important to find arborist services to ensure trees’ good overall condition and health.

Fake or real Christmas trees: Which is more sustainable?

As mentioned, there are almost 30 million Christmas trees that are cut down in time for the Holiday season. While some households use fake Christmas trees that they can use every year, there are still who prefer real Christmas trees. At first, you might think that this option is not sustainable, even harmful to the eco-system.

However, it is the actual opposite. In fact, Christmas trees used for the season are specially grown for this sole purpose. Most farms that grow Christmas trees replace every Christmas tree that has been cut. More so, Christmas tree harvesting in federal-government-owned is strictly regulated.

To ensure the quality of these trees, tree services are usually hired. Tree removal companies are also needed to get rid of diseased or fallen trees. Homeowners have the option to use either a real or plastic Christmas tree. Nonetheless, both options have their own set of pros and cons.

For example, plastic trees can be used and reused over and over again. You can choose from different colors and sizes according to your decorating needs. It can also be cheaper than most real trees, but may still end up in a landfill. How these are produced can be potentially damaging to the environment as well.

On the other hand, real Christmas trees are actually more sustainable than plastic ones. They can be used for other purposes which will be mentioned later on. Plus, real Christmas trees look better than the plastic ones. Also, trees that are cut down for this purpose are replaced with a new one, hence won’t harm the environment.

How you can reuse real Christmas trees

A lot of communities promote tree recycling as a sustainable way to take care of the environment. Christmas tree farmers may also find an arborist to ensure the quality of their trees. Also, emergency tree storm services can also help dispose of trees properly in case these topple down due to bad weather.

Nonetheless, using real Christmas trees can be a better choice for your holiday decorating needs. Here are some ways on how you can recycle your real Christmas tree.


These are great for bonfires and other outdoor uses. It is highly flammable due to its sap content and can be dangerous when used indoors.

Compost or mulch

Mulch is a good way to keep your trees and plants in your yard moist and healthy especially this coming winter season. Mix well with water and compost pile for better results.

Wildlife preservation

You can drop the trees in a nearby lake or river so it can turn into a fish reserve. You can also use the trees as a sanctuary for birds. Simply put bird feeders on the branches and watch birds flock in it.

Natural air freshener

You can use the tree needles as room fresheners as long as they still look healthy and green. Remove the needles and put them in small sachets or paper bags to be used as natural fresheners.

Real Christmas trees and their environmental sustainability

Some homeowners turn the branches and trunks into something creative and useful. For example, you can cut them and make them into coasters. For others who are more experienced, they make sculptures out of the cut wood. You can make them profitable too, in time for the Holiday season.

If you prefer dropping the used trees elsewhere, you can contact a non-profit organization near your area. Pick-up fees can range only around $5 as a donation. You can also drop the trees off in a recycling center near your area. You can also contact arborist services to help you out.

Taking care of trees

Regardless of the tree variant, it is important to take care of them just as how we want to take care of the environment. For your tree care needs, make sure to hire only professional and skilled tree experts. Contact the best tree services in Chevy Chase today!

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