The key essentials for good tree pruning

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Tree pruning is definitely one of the most carefully administered tree care techniques. Why, when and how to prune the trees will help you administer the landscaping services in a better way.

Why Prune Trees?

There are various reasons why you generally prune the trees. You may want more fruits or flowers to bloom on the tree or you may want to maintain that tree at a particular size. It is also possible that you want replenish the old shrubs or care for the tree in such a way that it grows well from the roots to the branches. Sometimes a tree injury or maintaining the tree’s health are also reasons for pruning trees. Generally a professional arborist is hired to conduct tree pruning to avoid injuries.

Key Essentials to Good Pruning Techniques

Before you begin pruning, you need to study the tree you are planning to prune. Begin your study from the top and go all the way to the bottom of the tree. Heard of 1/3 and 1/4 pruning rules? You should not remove more than 1/4 of the tree’s crown in any pruning season. Main side branches while conducting tree pruning services should be 1/3 parts smaller than the diameter. Allow side branches forming 1/3 angles off vertical to grow.

Prune trees that have a single trunk. You need to identify the lead trunk and its branches before you proceed with your tree care techniques. If the tree faces any pruning cuts, don’t hide them as hiding won’t prevent decay. Your most ideal pruning tool should be the one hand shear and it should be sharp.

In case of high branches, it is better that you hire a professional arborist to conduct tree pruning services. In case the trees have large branches, you should make a cut along the outer portion of the bark of the branch and its swollen area. Make sure there is no stub that protrudes outside while you are pruning. In some trees, the limb would be too small and would not have formed a collar. Establish pruning techniques to cut limbs at such times.

If you are simply cutting a small branch short while pruning trees, then you should cut the lateral bud. You should always cut the bud along a branch that will grow in a defined direction using a good pruning tool.

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