Three Myths about Tree Roots and Important Facts You Should Know

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Trees are essential part of human living. Trees offer vital nutrients to the soil. In order to have a healthy tree, the roots play the significant role. Most of us think that trees have tap roots similar to plants like carrot which have tap roots with tiny branches around. But in reality tree roots are made of entirely different structure. The health and strength of the tree is mainly dependent on the type of root.

The three myths about Tree Roots which are common in understanding are:

Every Tree has a Tap Root System

Though all trees grow initially with a tap root system when the sapling tends to hold and fix to the soil. But when they grow bigger and become Trees, the root system becomes complex with the lateral root growth. The lateral roots grow in all directions and extend outward up to two or three times the radius of the canopy. This also helps in getting all necessary nutrients for the growth of the Tree.

Tree won’t be harmed if the roots are chopped

If you think that cutting down the roots of the tree won’t harm the growth of the Tree in anyway, then you are completely wrong. As we all know the life of the building is dependent on the strength of its foundation. Likewise trees live with the help of roots, If you cut down the roots, the growth of the tree will be affected and eventually the tree may die.

A tree full of leaves indicates healthy root system

A tree full of leaves may not always have a healthy root system. We cannot judge only with green leaves. A tree has to be examined from its branches and bark. The barks may have cavities and have decaying branches but it is full of leaves. So it means there is some disease that has affected the root system which is the reason for the decay and cavity. So it’s always essential to know the entire health of tree before deciding the health of the root system. A tree removal company has a lot of knowledge and can effectively guide you.

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