Tips on How to Protect Your Trees During Winter

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The winter season is hard to even for the trees in your house and they need extra care. As the season approaches its best to find an arborist to take care of your trees. Your trees may experience a number of problems that result due to extreme temperatures. In this article, we look at winter tree problems and how to deal with each one of them. Although it may be impossible to protect your trees from the harsh weather, taking precautions will ensure that your trees are healthy throughout winter

Winter Tree Care Protection Tips

  • Cold Roots

The low temperature may cause damage to the roots. It’s, therefore, best to insulate the roots before the temperatures take a nose dive. It’s important to ensure that you consult tree services expert on the amount mulch required for each tree in your house. Mulching the roots will ensure the roots of the tree remain warm through the cold season. The arborist will train you on how to protect and wrap your trees during winter.

  • Drought

Trees which are less than two years old are susceptible to drought. In case your trees have suffered an insect attack before the winter season they may also suffer from winter drought. To protect your trees from winter drought it’s advisable to water the trees just before winter begins. Make sure that the trees in your yard receive enough water. The tree service experts will know the water requirements of each tree and will advise you on the right quantity for your trees.

  • Heavy Snow

If your trees have narrow limbs or multiple stems snow can cause the branches to fall apart. Too much accumulation of the snow on the trees will make the trees to fall apart. In case of a storm get emergency tree services to remove snow from the trees and ensure that your trees don’t break during the winter season.

When removing the snow make sure you do it gently to ensure that you don’t break your trees especially if they are weak.

  • Falling Branches

Before the beginning of the cold season make sure you invite get arborist services to prune and trim the trees in your house. If you notice any branch hanging over the sidewalks or near your house, make sure you find an arborist to remove them or cable them. The stress from the cold season may cause branches to fall and it’s, therefore, important to ensure that your trees are taken care of before the season begins. Checking the trees before the winter begins will save you from emergencies that may necessitate emergency tree removal. Consult the arborist on how best to deal with branches that may be diseased or low hanging before the winter storm begins

  • Sidewalk Salt

Sidewalk salt helps keep the walkway without ice however this may affect your trees. The trees can penetrate the roots of trees and cause your tree’s problems. Speak to the arborist and find out a better solution to de-ice your sidewalk. Make sure the de-icer you use will not damage or affect your trees. You can use sand or gravel which will not affect the health of your trees. Work with a certified arborist and use a de-icer that will not affect your trees.

  • Animals

Animals such as mice, rabbits, rodents eat tree bark to survive during the cold and that may cause your trees to become weak. You can speak to the arborist to surround the most vulnerable trees with a mesh wire or use a repellent that will keep the animals away.

  • Winter Burn

The browning or bleaching of evergreen trees is known as Winterburn. It occurs due to the following reasons;

Frozen roots are unable to replace water as fast as they should.

Destruction of chlorophyll. Trees don’t synthesize when the temperatures are low

  • Frost Heaving

It occurs when the soil freezes and thaws pushing out the roots and small plants up. To prevent frost heaving its best to mulch your trees before winter begins.

The trees in your house need special care before winter begins. Its crucial to ensure that you a get tree services expert to check on the trees as the temperatures begin to drop. During the winter season in case, you notice any weak and low hanging ensure that your contact the emergency tree storm services and remove the trees that may be a danger to your family.

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