Tree Cutting – Some Basic Tips and Ideas

emergency tree removal

It is difficult for an old tree to hold the ground properly, which makes it risky for nearby people and property. A tree leaning dangerously over a house or power lines or a transformer is also dangerous. Tree damaged due to storm. In all these situations, it is clear that emergency tree removal is an absolute necessity.

Tree Removal – Equipment’s You Should Have

Handheld equipment’s

Ladder, ax, powerful chainsaw for cutting large trees, rope are some basic equipment’s that you will need for doing this job.


Most professional tree removal companies always bring crane with them. Crane will not only help in removing trees but will help in taking a good look at a situation. This is important because in case of high trees you cannot access the situation properly from the ground.

First aid and protective kit

You need to wear protective gear like goggles, helmets and gloves all the time, whether you are inspecting the tree or cutting it down. Take all the precautions necessary. Even then, if something goes wrong keep a first aid kit for giving basic treatment before emergency services can arrive at the scene.

Things You Need To Do

Review the situation

Take a look at the direction in which the tree is leaning. Make sure that the tree does not fall on nearby buildings. Make an emergency plan, if in case things get worse.

Price estimation

Total cost of tree cutting depends on variety of factors. The more services you will need the more you have to pay. First is the size of the tree. Cutting heavy and large tree is more expansive. Other additional charges incur for moving the tree, for cutting the tree in small pieces, for chipping and for grinding services. Discuss the pricing in detail in a piece of paper before you hire someone.

Tree cutting is a dangerous job. Reading will give you theoretical knowledge but it is not enough. You need to have proper gear and training before undertaking such risky job. Hiring a professional tree removal service is the best way of dealing with unwanted trees. Also you will need proper paper work and insurance before cutting down a tree.     

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