Tree removal services on spring

Tree removal

With spring just around the corner it’s time to have your trees visually inspected for any conditions, defects or  weaknesses, such as decay, rot, splits and diseased or dead limbs ( please note that there could be internal trunk decay or rot, not apparent during a visual inspection, instrumentation would be required to detect such-ask us about this if interested in more in depth testing.)  Our estimators are highly skilled and able to spot most external conditions visible from the ground and advise on the overall health of a tree and best of all setting up an appointment or simply having us drive by for a visual inspection is free!

If your trees need pruning we’ll give you a detailed, written estimate outlining the services we propose to perform, which generally include but aren’t limited to removal of dead, weak or diseased limbs and thinning the crown, which removes sucker shoots and criss-cross interfering growth, allowing better air flow through the canopy and drying of the tree. If limbs are to close to a home or other structure we can “elevate” or cut back or off the encroaching limbs for clearance.

Our climbers and bucket truck operators when pruning will visually inspect the tree from top to bottom and in more detail perhaps than an estimator on the ground can-especially if the tree is especially dense or large. Our highly skilled and experienced crews excel at not only pruning (or removals as the case may be), but noting conditions that may be of concern-if the tree is in good health and free of visible, external defects, they’ll let you know that as well. So we just don’t prune your trees and leave, we’ll report our findings to you and answer any questions you may have.

Although there is no way to ensure a totally safe tree and any tree can fail at any time, pruning is a way to possibly reduce risk and periodic inspections can certainly provide some peace of mind.

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