What to Do if Your Tree is Damaged Due to a Weather Disturbance

Just when you think trees are strong enough to handle even the strongest winds and storms, it may not always be the case. Sometimes, even the sturdiest trees can be no match to hurricanes and other intense natural disasters. If you have a tree in your backyard, it can be potentially dangerous and cause damage to your property and even the other properties nearby.

In the event that a tree does fall due to a violent storm or other natural disasters and cause damage to a property, you should immediately call emergency tree storm services. For one thing, you should check the level of damaged that occurred due to the fallen tree. On the other hand, you should also check whether the damaged tree can still be saved.

Keeping your trees well-maintained

The last thing homeowners want to happen is their backyard trees falling down and causing damage to their property. Cutting them off is out of the question. After all, it took several years before it grew into the sturdy backyard tree it is at present. Some even invested in hiring tree services just to maintain and keep it in tiptop shape.

If you find out that there is an upcoming tornado, hurricane, or any other major natural disaster in your area, it is important that you inspect your house so it won’t easily get damaged later on. The same should also apply to your backyard trees. It would actually take more time and effort to remove fallen trees after calling emergency tree services than inspecting the tree before a major weather disturbance occurs.

What to do before a major weather disturbance occurs

Having said that, it is important to check the trees in your backyard before a major storm or hurricane occurs. Here are some things you need to do to ensure as minimal damage as possible.

Inspect the tree for potential issues/damages.

Have a closer look at your backyard trees for any signs of damage or others that can cause potential damage to property, such as:

  • Unpruned trees and hanging branches that extend almost near your roof or power lines
  • Presence of cracks in branches or trunk
  • Presence of mushrooms growing on the bark
  • Trees that lean over to one side
  • V-shaped forks which are more prone to split

Make sure to prune your tree when necessary.

To lessen or avoid extensive tree damage due to storms and the like, it is important to keep your trees pruned regularly. You should call arborist services in this case. Tree services will remove damaged and disease tree parts to avoid the spread of disease that can weaken the tree’s structure.

What to do before a major weather disturbance occurs

There are times when you may underestimate the weather and then end up destroying your tree. In the end, your tree may fall over and even cause damage to your property after a strong storm or hurricane. Here are some things you need to do following a storm or other similar natural disasters.

Call a tree care expert.

After the storm subsides, make sure to check for damages and find an arborist to assess the tree’s damage. Take extra precaution when checking the tree. For example, a loose branch may fall over and cause injuries to anyone.

Do not do the job yourself.

Unless you are an arborist yourself, you can assess the damage on your own. Otherwise, leave the major tasks of checking the damage to the experts. You may also risk injuring or even endanger your life if you do so without professional assistance or supervision.

Report any damage occurred within your property.

Make sure to report any damage occurred to your insurance company. It is important so you can be able to claim for insurance that can help with your repair expenses. For more details on how to claim an insurance, contact the company or an agent.

Decide on what to do to the tree.

If the tree damage includes only broken branches or torn tree barks, the arborist would usually prune them and monitor for any signs of disease or decay. Don’t just cut down the tree. It is better to wait and see if the tree can still be revived or grow back to its original glory.

Find tree care services near you

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