What to Look For While Choosing Tree Crane Service?

tree craneWhen the tree grows over board and it’s a huge one, we generally require hiring a tree crane service for its maintenance or removal. Sometimes it can be a dead tree which can fall any time and threatens you and the structure around it. Now, if it is decided that a crane service is needed, let me help you to select the best one as it’s a risky task which needs working at heights.

Check the track record of the tree crane services providing company

Find out since how many years the company is providing tree crane services, if possible talk with some of its customers. Collect as much as information you can collect about its way of working and behavior of its staff members. Talk about level of customer satisfaction it has provided till now. Search for the best one in your area. The older, the better; but number of happy customers always top the list as a large number of happy customers adds to the increased ranking of the company.

Confirm the certification

Verify the certification of the company and the arborist both as an untrained professional can risk the task. Once you have confirmed about the certification of the tree crane service provider company, ask about the person who is going to handle the bulky equipment for you. Handling a crane needs an extensive level of expertise. When you got a name, check his certification also. Look for how many years he is in this field of handling cranes.

Status of the equipment

A tree crane is a massive but a sophisticated piece of equipment. If it is not up to date and maintained properly it can cause accidents. Keep some pre-hand knowledge about cranes in your mind and check accordingly. Check the condition of the crane coming to your house, as a crane in bad condition is always a threat.

Talk about insurance related issues

Decide pre-hand that, if you are paying in cash or covering it in the insurance. If insured check it with the tree services provider. Ask in detail about the procedure to follow, when getting the paper work done for your insurance company. Claiming the money can be a tedious task. Chalk out all the possibilities to make it simple.

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