What You Need To Know About Plant Suckers

Trees are a good addition to our homes. They make us feel closer to nature within our own backyard. At the same time, it offers shade and even fruits you can enjoy eating during the summer season. However, trees can be potentially dangerous and can compromise your own safety. In such situations, you should call tree services immediately.

As mentioned, growing trees can enhance your property’s overall value. However, there are times that large trees can endanger your house and your own safety. For example, strong winds can uproot a tree and its branches may smash your windows. Diseased trees can also house pests and bugs that can also affect your property and other plants around it.

You can hire tree removal services to solve your tree problems. Removing a tree should be done by professional arborist services only. For one thing, tree removal is no easy task. It requires professional skills and adequate tools to accomplish this tedious procedure.

What is that random plant growing on my tree?

It may look new to you, seeing a random plant growing from the base of your tree. It may seem like a normal occurrence until you notice that it looks different from the tree it’s growing on. It may even produce fruits that may not look enticing to eat. So, what kind of a plant is this?

It is called a plant sucker. It is defined as a tree’s effort to grow additional branches. Plant suckers occur when you tend to a tree that is under stress. It may possibly be because the tree is grafted or spliced together. On the other hand, tree suckers can also develop on trees that are not grafted.

Should you remove a tree sucker?

Tree removal companies suggest preventing the occurrence of a tree sucker than dealing with the removal. To prevent tree sucker growth, you should remember the following:

  • Make sure to prune the tree regularly. But avoid over-pruning it, as it can encourage the growth of plant suckers.
  • Ensure good plant health. Tree stressors such as the occurrence of pests and diseases or drought can promote the growth of tree suckers. Thus, make sure to water it well and give the tree the best care possible.

Tree suckers may seem harmless. However, tree cutting services recommends removing any presence of tree suckers as soon as possible. For one, a tree sucker can be dangerous to healthier and larger trees. It can happen by sucking the healthier tree’s nutrients. They are similar to weeds, only that they do not look like one.

Removing a tree with professional help

Tree cutting may be necessary due to several factors. It can be due to overgrowth, age, the occurrence of disease, or signs of damage. Some would cut down a tree but leave its roots. However, leaving the roots can give room for regrowth – unless that’s what you want to happen.

Another solution is to remove the tree and its roots. However, it can be a more complicated process. In such cases, you can hire tree cutting services and let them remove a tree with precision, skill, and the right equipment.

As for tree sucker removal, it is generally easy to do. It can be removed by pruning. Cut the tree sucker using a sharp pair of shears. Ensure to make the cut close enough to the tree. Leave the collar – the area where the tree and tree sucker meet – to promote wound recovery.

Other reasons why tree cutting services are necessary

Aside from tree sucker removal, dying and decaying trees may be needed to ensure its longevity. Here are the reasons why and when tree cutting is needed.

  • Dead trees can attract bacteria, insects, and pests.
  • Diseased trees can affect other plants and trees.
  • It looks attractive in any property.
  • It can compromise your safety (ex. Branches may fall off or blown away during strong winds).
  • Dead trees have weaker structures, it can easily fall over.

Tree removal is not really as simple as it seems. You can do it on your own, but it can be more likely that you may encounter issues along the way. That is why you should rely on professional arborist services in MD for your tree care needs.

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