Why pruning a tree without a professional help is risky?

Tree PruningTree pruning is a common practice which ensures good looks and good health of your tree. It looks like a do it yourself task but one unprofessional step can ruin the health of your tree. So here are some tips which come handy while pruning a tree.

Cautious Flush cutting

Cutting a branch flush next to the main branch or more importantly the trunk can lead to many troubles such as disease, pests and fungus growth and uneven bark as an open wound can be fatal. Professional tree pruning companies often keep this in mind.

 Avoid Over lifting

Removing all the lower branches while pruning can cause over lifting as tree becomes more crowded and heavy on the top surface. This can lead to imbalance and hence branch failure and breakage. Sometimes it can prove fatal for the tree.

Ignoring safety measures

A professional tree pruning company that you hire should always employ the proper use of safety gears like goggles, hard hat and safety clothing is must while pruning or trimming. Avoid ladders if you are not able to trim a tree while your feet on ground as when attached to uneven surfaces ladders are more prone to the fall. If you need to climb the tree for pruning, call an expert.
Clear the space around the tree

Most of the injuries happen during tree maintenance are because of poor clearance of area Stuck bys can easily happen if someone accidentally comes under a falling branch .This can lead to serious injuries and sometimes proves fatal .Not clearing the space can also lead to harm to the structure around it.

Check for Over-pruning

While pruning a tree doesn’t get carried away. If you are not cautious and cut more than 25% of leaf bearing crowns it can take long period to heal and affects the overall health of the tree. Old trees take longer times to heal.

Fit and up to date tools are essential

Overused and old tools can originate serious accidents. Dull tools lead to rugged and uneven cuts which can misdirect the fall of branch. Also these kinds of cuts can make the healing process a difficult one. Sharpening of tools proves beneficial in many cases.

A professional tree pruner always takes care of such small things. 

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