Winter Tree Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Most of us do not think about tending your yard or garden area during winter, just like what most people do during spring and summertime. For one thing, most homeowners worry more about keeping themselves snuggly and warm indoors over the next couple of months. You might say, “Just let the yard, the plants, and the trees be. We will take care of them once the snow melts and we can already see grass on the ground.”arbor

Take care of your trees in time for winter

This should not be the case. Instead, every homeowner should actually pay attention to their yard especially that winter is just around the corner. You might want to find an arborist to check on your trees and ensure its optimum condition before the cold weather begins. Arborist services are there to help you maintain your trees and your other greens in your yard.

Like how we take care of and prepare for your home in time for winter, you should also give the care and maintenance your backyard trees deserve. Otherwise, it can create a major impact on your landscaping come springtime. Also, improper or lack of tree care and maintenance during the winter season can even impact your expenses later on.

Winter tree care mistakes you should avoid

To avoid these, you may want to hire tree services to help you provide the right care and maintenance for your trees. Here are things you should avoid doing if you want your backyard trees to last for many years to come.

Not watering plants and trees

A lot of homeowners would skip watering their trees since it’s winter anyway. However, this is one of the worst mistakes homeowners can do. Even if the temperature continues to drop at this point, your plants and trees need water to nourish itself throughout the cold winter.

Not raking the leaves off the ground

It can be too cold out there to mow the lawn or rake dried leaves. However, it is a good decision to remove those leaves in the yard before winter starts. This enables the grass to “breathe” during the winter months. You can also find an arborist to help you tend your plants and trees.

Balding the grass

When you cut the yard grass too short, it can cause stress to it and not grow properly. There might even be the occurrence of bald spots in your lawn area. Make sure not to cut the grass too short so you can give it room to grow better later on.

Pruning trees this winter

Aside from taking care of your yard, one must also consider the “health” of your trees as well. Pruning is not only for aesthetic appeal but also for better growth come spring and summer seasons. You can hire tree cutting services to help you with pruning and trimming your backyard trees.

But if the tree is already dying, you need to hire tree removal companies instead. At the end of the day, you only want to have healthy trees in your backyard. Here are other tips you need to remember about proper tree pruning.

Prune at the right time.

Contrary to popular belief, winter is a good time to prune trees. For one, pruning in winter can be less stressful to plants and trees. It is also said that trees tend to heal faster when pruned before spring arrives. Meanwhile, pruning during the fall season is not recommended by tree experts as it is said to reduce its production of energy as the end of the growth season arrives.

Make the right prune cuts.

Make sure not to do flush cuts, stub cuts, or lion tailing. Instead, tree experts recommend using the 3-cut method. There is a certain cutting process involved with it, so it might be a good idea to have it pruned by experienced arborist services instead.

Use the right tools for pruning.

Tree care experts know all of these. Common tools used for pruning include pruning saws, shears, chainsaws, and loppers. Powerful pruning tools should be used the larger the branches that need to be cut.

Take care of your trees this winter

For your tree care and maintenance needs, make sure to hire only the experts. Contact tree services in Bethesda today. You do not have to wait for spring or summer to tend your trees. Rather, this winter is the best time to do that if you want your trees to grow and blossom better for many years to come.

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