Are you prepared for the storm? Are your trees pruned?


There are predictions of heavy rain and at the same time winters are just round the corner. It is necessary that you are ready for the trees. Though they look sturdy, it is still necessary to maintain them. Trees require regular maintenance, pruning, cutting, trimming, so that they can stay as sturdy as they seem. Specially in winter seasons and when there are predictions of heavy rain or wind. There are several dangers of not keeping the tree fit! If the branches are hanging or are heavy, then during rain or winds, they can fall and damage roof or property. In winters too there could is a chance that something might fall if not maintained properly.


Sometimes the growth of the tree is obstructed by dead or infected branches. These are the most dangerous part of the tree. During thinning, these branches or parts are removed. The entire tree is completely analyzed to see what all parts are required and then cutting is done. This is also done very carefully. The branches that are cut are lowered carefully so that they don’t cause damage. Sometimes even good branches are cut. For some trees that won’t be able to survive winter conditions, tree thinners would also cut good branches so that the trunk could survive.

Unless you have knowledge of plantation, it is best that you let the professionals decide what to cut and what not to prepare your tree for harsh conditions.

Size Reduction

Sometimes the size of the tree is also considered. If they feel that the roots of the tree or the trunk is not strong enough to support the increasing height. Then the tree is pruned to reduce height. Size reduction should at any time be done by professionals. These professionals would use all the right tools that are required for the service.

Tree pruning is something that should be done regularly. If you have hired a lawn care person to take care of your lawn, then do ask them to monitor your tree. They would be able to advice you as to when to prune and when to trim. A well managed tree would live longer, healthier and would provide the necessary protection to the tree during storm or bad weather. So it is necessary that you consult your tree trimming service provider as soon as possible to prepare for the coming weather.

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