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Coupons & Discounts


Winter is a great time to prune and have tree work done and If you are not in a rush, we offer discounted winter or “slow/off season” rates, which helps even out our workload and reduces our turnaround time. Most discounts are around 10%, but can be up to 15% and very occasionally 20%.

Advantages to you include not only the discount, but more flexible and “custom” scheduling, faster response times, turnarounds can be in as little as a few business days and almost always within a week, weather permitting.

Winter rates generally begin January 4th and end April 1, but you’re welcome to check back in December or up until the middle of April, as occasionally we extend our timeline, depending on how busy we are.
If interested please send an e-mail to, or call us and we’ll let you know the discount we can offer, in writing and if you choose to accept, sign and return. If you have specific winter dates in mind, note them on the proposal and we will most likely be able to accommodate, or we can mutually choose a date later. You may also contact us during the winter if you rather wait to make a decision.

Please note, that if your tree is dead, seems unduly hazardous or you have concerns about safety, then you should not wait until winter for service and nothing in the aforementioned statements or offers of a winter rate implies that any tree is safe and can wait. There is no such thing as a safe tree and any tree can fail at any time.

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