Common Myths About Tree Pruning

tree pruning

In today’s world tree pruning is one of the finest ways to make your plants healthy and long live. It also increases the yield and quality of fruit or flower, but unfortunately there are some myths which make it easy and divine procedure more intricate.

MYTH 1 –   A tree will grow perfectly without pruning.

FACT –   It is a most common myth about tree pruning but the reality is different. Imagine a situation in which your one hand is bigger than other hand or your body is not in a proper shape. “Yes you are right”, you will look ugly and unhealthy, similarly to keep plants in a shape and to remove fast growing water sprouts, tree needs some pruning, so if you don’t prune your trees timely they will become unhealthy and shabby. Hire tree pruning professionals as their expertise in this matter comes handy to shape up your tree.

MYTH 2 – Summer pruning is injurious to trees.

FACT – It is another myth which doesn’t match to the situation because water sprout and sucker grows in summer only and the best way to control them is to prune them. Summer pruning is not injurious at all but only it will make your tree better as you can scrape dead leaves and branches. A good tree pruning company provides ideas and solutions to prune your trees so that they grow better and fuller, even in summers.

MYTH 3 –   Wrong time pruning can perish the plant.

FACT –It is true that wrong time pruning can be injurious to the tree but it very rarely kills the tree .Many trees produce lots of sap when pruned at the wrong time, but this sap is not harmful to the bark. Though, it can be rather unpleasant when it falls on people and objects below these dripping branches. So it is advisable to hire professional tree pruning service for timely pruning of the tree, also if you have mistakenly done the pruning in the wrong season, you can call these people for advice and procedure to mend the situation.

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