Have A Lawn – Have A Tree – Are You Caring For It?

Tree RemovalTree care is essential for keeping them healthy. Maintaining healthy trees will reward you in many ways. Trees provide clean air and reduce the risk of soil erosion. They help in controlling extreme temperature during winter as well as summer season, which in turn will cut down your energy bills. Well maintained trees are known to increase the value of property. Overall trees help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with giving financial incentives.

However, tree care is not an amateur’s job. You need full understanding of trees anatomy and proper training for undertaking such work. Not to forget the equipment’s like chainsaw and ladder needed for removing dangerous trees. Hiring a tree service company is the safest solution.

Advantages of tree service company

Some of the benefits of tree service company are listed below:

Pruning of trees

Pruning of trees is done by cutting diseased branches. It is also done for cleaning the tress. Apart from health benefits, pruning increases the aesthetic value of a tree and a beautiful tree will increase the visual appeal of a house.

Emergency removal of trees

If the tree is dead it should be removed. Otherwise it might pose danger to the people and property in its vicinity. Removing a big dead tree is treacherous task. Also, in severe weather conditions like snow or hail storm, some trees might getdamaged and lean dangerously. Only a well-equipped tree removal company can deal with this kind of a situation.

Other services

Tree service companies also offer other services like pest control, protection from lightening , treating diseases, risk assessment and fertilization.

Findng a competent tree service company

Price estimation

It should be done only after visiting the site. Never hire someone who is giving you the price estimates without properly analyzing the situation. Ask for a hard copy of price estimates. Apart from price take a detailed look at the services offered by the company. A company certified by International Society of Arboriculture is always a good choice.


Tree removal work is risky. So, make sure that company offers personal and property insurance.  Workers compensation insurance should also be given.

Keep above points in mind before finalizing a professional tree service company. It will help you in maintaining healthy trees for years to come. If you have your own ideas related to this topic, please share them with us.

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