How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

While the trees in your yard add beauty and increase the value of the home, you may need to remove certain trees. To ensure the safety of our families and neighbor it’s imperative to assess the state of the trees in your home often. If you notice a loosely hanging tree, dead tree or a tree that is too close to your home you may need to remove it. It’s best to find an arborist and let them do a professional assessment of the trees in your home and determine whether they need to remove. When removing a tree, it’s important to consider the cost implications. You can invite the tree removal companies to your home, and they will do an assessment and give you a quotation. In this article, we look at factors that determine the cost of removing a tree.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Removing a Tree

Below are some of the factors that will affect the cost of removing a tree.

  • Size of the Tree

When the tree cutting services company is giving you a quotation, they will consider the size of the tree. Small trees are easier to remove as compared to huge trees. It will, therefore, cost more to remove big trees than a small one. The roots of small trees are not as deep as the big trees, and that makes it easier and less expensive to remove a small tree. It’s better to have the experts at the tree removal company assess the tree before they give you a quotation.

  • The condition of the Tree

The state of your house will determine the cost. Is the tree leaning, has a split or has become very hard over time? If the tree is in a dangerous position it may cost, you more to remove the tree. Hard trees may require extra equipment to remove it, and that may cost you more. Let the certified arborist check the state of your trees and analyze them. If your tree requires extra hours, then you may need to pay more.

If the tree is dead, it may be easier to remove, and that will cost you less. On the other hand, it may be more dangerous to remove a dead tree that is near the houses because that will need more safety measures and thus it cost more.

  • Location of the Tree

If the tree you want to be removed is in the urban area, the tree removing company will need to take extra measures to safeguard houses and people. The tree services company will need to ensure the employees. That will make the tree cutting will be more expensive. It’s essential to ensure that you work with an expert tree services technician when removing trees in densely populated areas.

When it comes to location, the arborist will also consider whether the tree is in the front yard or backyard. Trees in the front yard may be easier to remove because it’s easier to move the crane into the lawn and cut the tree. If you don’t have enough space at the back of the house, it may be more difficult to remove the tree, and that will make it more expensive. The location of the tree also determines how far you will need to carry the branches and stem when removing them from home.

  • The Diameter of the Trees

Thicker trees will be hard to remove as compared to trees which have a smaller diameter. Thick trees need to be cut in sections to minimize the risk. The expert from the tree removal company will advise on how best to remove the tree without damaging your house or causing accidents.

  • The height of the Tree

Most of the tree removal companies will charge the removal of the trees based on the height. Trees that are shorter will be charged less compared to tall trees.

  • Nearby Hazards

If there are obstacles nearby that will make tree removal difficult and that will increase the cost of removing the tree. If your tree is near power and water lines it may cost, you more to have the tree removed. If there are obstacles that could be hazardous near the tree, it will be more expensive to remove the tree.

  • Emergency Tree Removal

If your tree has been struck by lighting and needs to be removed immediately, then you may pay more to have the tree removed. Emergency tree removal services may cost you more. If the tree is being removed during a storm, it may be more expensive

How Do You Dispose of the Downed Tree?

Once the tree has been removed, you will need to decide what to do with the tree. The tree removal companies may charge an extra fee to remove the tree, and it’s therefore important to ensure that the quotation you have received includes all the cost. Make sure that all the tree removal cost is in the quotation. Below are some of the ways of disposing of trees;

  • Branch Hauling and Chipping

The tree removal company will carry the tree and dispose of them off

  • Stump Grinding

The arborist will grind the tree and then move the remains

  • Cut the tree into wood

The above factors will determine how much it will cost to remove a tree from your lawn. It’s, therefore, best to invite the tree removal companies Montgomery to your home and let the expert’s asses the tree. The company will give you a quotation. Make sure the quotation is inclusive of all the expected cost.

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