Important Things To Consider Before Getting A Tree Removal Service

tree removal

Why tree removal is necessary?

Trees undoubtedly are a very vital and integral part of our environment. They make the existence of different life forms possible on earth. Trees account for innumerable benefits like an adequate and uninterrupted supply of oxygen helps curbing green house effect, provides resources like wood which in turn helps promote business and commerce,  purifies air, serves as a source of energy, helps in preventing and dealing with soil erosion as the trees keep the soil bound and so on. Considering so many benefits, we must take necessary steps to minimize and prevent deforestation.

But there are certain unusual situations, in which removing the trees becomes obligatory as it may prove dangerous for the life of other animals and human beings residing in that particular area. But before taking such a step one must have proper permission granted and approved by the concerned authority.

Points to keep in mind before cutting the trees

  • Make a perfect evaluation about the health of the tree. If it is almost 50% vandalized, then although it may survive for a few more years, but its growth will be highly improper, so one may opt for cutting it. Trees which have been damaged by the herbicides usually recover.
  • Check if the trunk of the tree has got injured, if the damage is of about 25% or more then the tree should be cut off else it may take some time and heal up.
  • Now find out if all the dead branches of the tree are present on one side. If yes then it simply indicates that the trunk or root of that particular side is damaged and this can be easily fixed by the professionals.
  • Have a proper account of the tree’s history. One noteworthy reason why a tree usually perishes is the soil level above the roots. If 3 inches or more of the soil has been piled up above the roots, then the tree often dies.

Scrutinize if any sprouts are arising from the base of the tree or not. If yes do take the assistance of a tree removal expert.

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