Reasons Why You Should Have Your Trees Pruned by Arborist

Well maintained trees increase the curb appeal and make your home look more beautiful. Sickly looking and un-pruned trees will make you house look deserted and unattended. It’s therefore important that you find an arborist who will prune your trees to make sure your house is neat, and they don’t become a danger. In this article, we tell you why you should let the arborist prune your trees.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Trees Pruned by Arborist

  • Add Beauty to Your Yard

An arborist will trim and prune your trees in a professional way leaving your yard looking good. Tree services are essential because the arborist will check on your trees and prune them in a way that increases the appeal of your home. Grooming your trees will enhance how your trees look especially if the main reason you planted the trees was to add aesthetic value.

  • Help your plant grow

Pruning trees will help them be able to withstand harsh weather. With the proper pruning techniques, the pruning will make the tree roots stronger and healthier. Removing some branches from the tree through pruning will allow light rays to penetrate the roots and lower part of the tree and that enhances the tree.

  • Encourage fruit production

If you have planted trees in your house for fruit production pruning the tree will increase fruit production. Removing dead limbs will promote better health and prevent attacks by insects. Pruning will also make more spurs to grow and that results in the growth of more fruits. You need to find the best arborist services to ensure that the pruning is done professionally.

  • Remove dangerously hanging branches

One of the most important reasons why you should have your trees pruned is to avoid dangerous branches from causing damage to your property or your neighbors and causing harm to your family. Make sure that you procure tree cutting services early enough before the branches become a danger. If you notice such branches, especially during storms, make sure you invite the emergency tree storm removal services team to cut such branches.

  • Treat diseased trees

Pruning of trees will help treat and prevent diseases from spreading. Pruning will not only  help prevent the spread of the disease but also treats it. By pruning the diseased branches you will ensure your trees become more healthy.

  • Improve the view

If you live near a valley you can trim your trees to enhance the view. Hire professional tree removal services to ensure that you get the best view of your home. Hire the best tree cutting services to ensure you get the best view from your home.

Pruning Techniques

  • Crown Thinning

The arborist will remove branches selectively to increase light penetration and air movement. the technique will give your tree structure.

  • Crown raising

Crown rising involves removing branches from trees to pave way for vehicles, pedestrian or buildings.

  • Crown reduction

The technique works when the tree has grown beyond the provided space. The tree is made smaller by removing foliage.

  • Crown clean

This is the removal of unwanted materials and may include crown thinning.

  • Pollarding

The method involves pruning certain tree species to Pollard’s heads.

How to Ensure Your Trees are Healthy

  • Watering your trees during the dry season

A prolonged dry season may cause your trees to appear dry and unhealthy. Make sure you give trees enough water. Avoid over watering as that will damage the tree. Speak to the arborist on the amount of water you need to for your trees.

  • Mulch your Trees

Mulching will help insulate your trees and helps them retain water. Mulching helps your trees retain water and you don’t need to water your trees as often.

  • Hire a professional arborist

An arborist has the experience and expertise to take care of your trees. The arborist will prune your trees at the right time and in the right way. The arborist will advise on which trees need pruning. A professional arborist will also have the necessary tools to use when pruning

Tree Pruning Tips

  • The best time to prune trees is during the dormant season. However, you can you prune dead and diseased trees immediately. Talk to the tree service company on the best time to have your trees pruned.
  • Work with professional arborist especially when  removing huge branches that may cause damage to your property
  • Prune trees branches when they are still young as that will make the job less tedious and dangerous. As soon as you notice the branches in your house spreading to different directions find an arborist

An arborist understands the kind of care each tree in your house needs. The experts from the tree service company Chevy Chase will guide on you on how to ensure that your tree remains healthy and beautiful.

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