Reasons Why You Should Remove That Tree Stump

A tree stump in your yard can diminish the beauty and value of your home. A tree stump will make your yard look unkempt, and it’s important to ensure that you get tree removal services Montgomery to remove it. When removing the tree stump, you need to ensure that the right procedure is followed because that could leave an eyesore in your yard. Work with top rated tree removal companies that will ensure that the stump is completely removed and ensure that your yard is neat. In this article, we look at why you should remove that tree stump. A stump can hamper the growth of other trees nearby and its essential to ensure the removal is professionally done.

Why You Should Get Rid of Tree Stumps

  • Increase the aesthetics of your home

Tree stumps can be unsightly, and they will make your home look untidy. When selling your house if you have a stump in your home, it may turn off potential sellers. Removing the stump is one of the most effective ways of increasing the aesthetic value of your home. The space occupied by the stump can be used to grow other trees and make your home beautiful. It’s, therefore, crucial to find an arborist to remove the tree stump from your yard. You need to discuss with the arborist the procedure to follow when removing the stump. You don’t want to follow a process that will leave your other trees damaged.

  • Protect other Trees

A tree stump may absorb water that is meant for other trees. It may occupy space and hinder the growth of roots of other trees. A tree stump may also be in the way of water and electricity lines and that may interruptions. It’s important to find a certified arborist to remove the stump to prevent damaging other trees and facilities. If the stump is very near your house, its removal could affect the structure of your home, and it’s imperative to work with experts from the tree cutting services company.

  • Keep Away Pest and Diseases

Tree stump decay and they may bring pest and diseases to other trees. Pest such as termites, beetles, and ants love to hide in tree stumps. When the stump is diseased, that could spread to other trees. The tree stump could also harbor fungi, and that could be dangerous for your children and pets. It’s important to remove any tree stump in good time for the health of your lawn. Visit the tree services company and consult on the best method of removing tree stumps.

  • Safety of your Family

If you have small children, a tree stump can be a danger. When children are playing in the yard you must be careful they don’t trip over a stump. A stump may continue growing, and that will affect the sidewalks and the foundation of your home. Removing a stump will ensure that your family is safe. If you have children who ride bicycles, they may trip over the stump, and they will be injured. It’s therefore important to remove the tree stump as soon as possible. The arborist has the expertise to remove the stump without damaging your walkways and guarding the structure of your home.

How to Remove Tree Stumps

The certified arborist will guide you on the best to remove the stump on your lawn. It’s therefore important to work with tree removal experts who have experience and expertise to remove the stump without damaging other trees in your yard. The expert has the tools and equipment to remove the stump. Below are the various methods of removing a stump

  • Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is the easiest way to remove the stump. The arborist will use a grinder to remove the stump. Using a grinder will take a few hours to remove the stump.

  • Burning or Letting the stump Rot

The process will take longer, and it will be effective over a period. The arborist will drill holes and use chemicals to make the stump rot. The process may take a few days. After that, the arborist will burn the tree stump. The remains of the stump are then removed.

It’s best to hire arborist services when removing a tree stump. A certified arborist knows the best method to remove the stump to ensure the safety of your family and the aesthetic value of your home.

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